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These truly ARE the voices in my head.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Squeezing Out Every Last Drop of Summer

We've had a wonderful Summer, 
wrapped up in family and fun.

Outdoor concerts, 
picnicking along the Mohawk River 
Saratoga Park...

The dog days of Summer have even held celebration!
 Jess moved in with her doggie, Sam and the "pursnickety" kitty, Delores.
(Yes, that is Jess above with her "stinky face")

Many a hot dog and hamburger have been grilled....
Tim's youngest daughter and her boyfriend signed papers on their new home and new view!

Tim sent her a text last Sunday morning stating that we were headed her way and had bacon!

There is a flea Market, 
every Sunday,
at the bottom of her hill; 
Spring til Fall.
Did I mention her view?

We have also started a fun tradition for all of us:

We gather as a family at alternating houses every Sunday,
to enjoy a meal.
Breakfast or dinner...
the Host has the main course and the others bring a side dish.
We've had fun, trying out Pinterest recipes!

As College starts Monday for Jess...
and the days get cooler, 
we will embrace Fall as it comes.
We have apple picking plans, 
Irish Festival, 
a clam bake
 and even a yearly Fall Picnic...
at night!

It's amazing fun 

On Wednesday, 
I offered Hannelore on my Goode Wife Facebook page.
   She didn't make it on to Early Work, 
but Face Book was new for me.

I was amazed at the requests! 

I need to get sculpting some more, it seems...

and not just Pumpkin Ladyes....

Yes.. there is a new Ravenskull in the works...

she's a surprise....
but first, 
I have a few more Summer days to enjoy.

Saturday, August 15, 2015


Meet Brimstone
Sometimes inspiration comes from in a strong voice, 
saying NOW is the time.
This needs to happen 
and you are ready.

you think so?

Take a deep breath and trust
that it is so.
and don't let the notion of
"what if"
grab hold
and keep you captured.
trust in the voice.
~ * ~

Sometimes you just know that it is time to take and breathe new life into characters
that you
and others enjoy.

What is Art if we keep doing the same old?
If we don't work on other parts of the journey, besides design?
there is always a part of us 
needing to 

If you haven't had a chance to stop in and visit Early Work Mercantile~ 
grab a cuppa and enjoy! 
The picture below will take you there.
I am already working on the Gathering next month!

There is also one  fussy one that didn't make the offerings...
She will be fashionably late,
 and will be offered on my Facebook Business page when she is ready.

As you know, 
these ladies are limited and different each year.