A Unique Primitive Art with a whisper to the past~

These truly ARE the voices in my head.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Merry Hallowe'en

It couldn't be more perfect for a Hallowe'en celebration tonight. The breeze was crisp; the beloved smell of leaves and earth made her heady with excitement. Years of memories had attached themselves to that smell.

Fanny had planned this for an entire year....
suddenly she became pensive. It had taken so much hard work and loving care to grow her special blue pumpkins.....
just for tonight's celebration.

Ahhhh, she knew that when tomorrow dawned, the process would begin again....

and her heart smiled.

*Fanny Weed is a Pineberry Lane design

Thursday, October 2, 2014

October Has Arrived!

A Merry Fall to all of you.
This time of year is truly where my heart smiles the biggest.

The smell of the leaves is intoxicating...
 every year I smell the candles in stores, 
hoping that perhaps one day, 
they can capture that smell. 

I have been very busy...
This is always the busiest time of the year for patterns.
 Raven's Haven is growing faster than I can keep up, 
it seems.

The Harvest Festival is amazing and it is unbelievable how it has grown!
We had a new spot this year.
Etsy was also here and there was an Etsy Village along one street. 
Tim is just starting to put out all of our friends.
He is my partner in all things...

We were right across the street from the Roseboro Hotel...
The architecture in Sharon Springs is stunning, and this is just one beauty.

On Sunday, I made it to Beekman 1802.
So much traffic!
 their grass is trampled!
I did get to talk with them for a few minutes.
They had tried to stop at my booth on Saturday...
and then as we were packing Sunday. 
They were called to the shop  as they got to the tent.
I was glad that I had chatted with them earlier. Brent and Josh really liked what they had seen of my tent from across the Roseboro on Saturday.

They loved the banner.
I do too!
So many asked if it was for sale...
It was a gift from a very good friend.
She has filled it with things that are special to me,
and created it with love.
it is my heart in paper form...
it is magical.

I fell in love with Petrie last Fall.
He's on the right...
He brought Stewart with him this time.
Rescues with special needs! 
Their Mom came in search of...


I have a difficult time keeping bats in my Belfry.
I will have to make even more for next year...
and remember Petrie's special cookies.

I didn't get time to work on my next Raven Skull, and now I have 2 November  Shows ahead...not to mention~

but, that part is for later.
For now,
 I do want to thank so many for their feedback on Branwen.

I still get emails asking if I will revisit her..

When I did her, I looked and looked through the internet to see how common a Raven Skull doll was.
I also wanted to make sure that she would be unique as a sculpt and also fully in my voice.

I think that as a professional Artist, it is a responsibility.

I was pleased to only see a couple, 
and neither even close to my Branwen.
Raven Skulls are not common in this area of Art.
Perfect for me, to chance upon the uncommon!

So, I will continue with her. 
I have a couple ideas ahead...
 I would have never thought in a a million years that she would capture the heart of so many 

inspire other Artists as well.
whoda thunk, little ole me...