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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

In the Company of Goode Friends

 It was such an honor to be asked once again to submit my wee folk to Prims Magazine. I knew immediately which friend to send along! It is always so amazing to me to see my work in print, and yes, I'm still recovering from the pinch-me marks.

The biggest joy however, was seeing so many of my friends and colleagues gracing the pages so beautifully also!  Hugs and congratulations to all of you! From my dearest of friends; Nettie, Pam and Trudy , to those that I've chatted with and met along the way. Hugs to all of you! 

Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring Wishes

I am finding myself drawn more and more to sculpting again. I love that I have learned enough sewing skills with my Primitives Journey, to make the sculpting come full circle. Granted, there is nothing fancy in the sewing, just simple; but I like things simply done. Alice made her appearance at American Holiday Artists Studios on Friday evening and was spoken for by Saturday morning. She is one rabbit that I will surely miss, but I know that she is going to the most wonderful home where she will be very loved. I have some wee bunny girls that I have been working on also and well, lets just say quite a parade of ideas that keep marching along! Thank goodness for sketches and notes. This home will be very full of wee folk, be them sculpted or sewn.

It's difficult to believe, that I have been at the cozy Cape on Curry Road for three months already! There is still much to do and sometimes it feels overwhelming. We go up nearly every weekend to make sure all is well with my Mom along with shopping, cooking and other needfuls. It's also a great time to get together with my girls. My week days have been full of deadlines, business paperwork and pattern orders. 

My head is in the clouds as I await the warm and sunny days of Spring. Winter has been long and stormy, so we are all more than ready! Tim and I are making plans for the garden, which has been overlooked the past couple years, having no one to really tend to it. I love having a garden and canning, so if the tomatoes do well, there will be plenty of marmalade and sauce for starters. I've also perennials to move about and seeds to start in the flower beds. It all takes time, but with any luck, we will have an area for the butterflies and humming birds along with a wee fairy garden. I'm sure there will be many inspirations from this to keep me sketching out new friends to stitch or sculpt. It's all just a matter of a little time, for Father Winter to say good bye and the Maiden of Spring to bring warm days and green promises.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Springtime in Vermont

I adore the Granville area in every season, but I particularly love Spring and Fall. One of the best parts of living in Granville, has been the fact that it runs right along the state line beside Vermont. That means that we are minutes from towns such as Poultney, Pawlet and Wells...a little longer and we are in areas such as Danby, Fair Haven, Dorset and Manchester. These next few weekends that I will be in Granville, we will be visiting friends in New York and Vermont. First, I will be stopping in to get some Maple Syrup. So many in this area make it and most of us have family and friends in both states that are quite busy, be it a hobby or a business. We have family~ The Grotolli's and it is a part of Spring for me to stop in and say hello to Mike and Laurie.

As the weeks move ahead and grass turns green, we will be heading for a quick drive to see my dear friend and extremely talented artist, Roy Egg. I have known Roy since I started this primitive journey. Well, actually, a bit before, when I worked in a area department store. Roy is simply magic and whimsy in a giant's body!  I remember when he painted his studio, pictured above. It's become a area landmark over the years. His paintings are sought after all over the US and he has one in a permanent collection at the White House. He was the winner for Vermont in a nation wide egg painting contest. Each state was represented on a egg that had been cleaned of it's contents and made into an ornament. The winners were all gathered at the White House for a tour and to view their display.

Besides his talent in the arts, Roy is true inspiration to anyone that enjoys any art or craft. He is so encouraging, no matter what your endeavor. He has a certain knack for making you feel  important and confident in what inspires you. He encourages young and old to see it through. He has often encouraged me to have a small show in his Gallery. Life has kept me busy in other directions, instead. He is such a dear friend, that it is his friendship and warmth that I hold dearest.

One of my most treasured pieces is one of his window chickens. I saw Gladys from across the Gallery and just had to bring her home to Rotterdam with me! This way, I always have a reminder that I'm not so far away from all that I hold dear. I usually find Roy at the local market, but now I will have to make a special trip to see him at his Studio and Gallery. By then, I'm sure I will find yet another treasure ! Big hugs to you Roy~ I'll see you soon!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Putting My Own Stamp On The World~

I'm happy to be settling in the cozy little Cape on Curry Road. There is more than enough to keep me busy with my work, unpacking and a home. I still spend weekends as a Caregiver to my Mom and enjoy time with my girls. 

I 've had a stamp made with my new address for orders and show tags. It was quite fun to play around with fonts and sketches. This is made from one of my very favorites~ My Pumpkin Princess. She turned out so well, and I love using it! The ladies that work at the Post Office have all remarked on it and as the new kid in town, it has helped to make friends. Who knew?  

The Artist in me finds it so satisfying to make my own stamp on the world~ what better way to send off patterns and packages to my customers, than with a little piece of me. I have designed stamps before, years ago, before I started making primitives. I've had so much fun with this and I've caught myself thinking about making more. How fun it would be to see my designs on cards and papers; to know that I've touched some one's heart with a design and brought joy to them in their creating.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bunnies, Chickens And A Crow

The snow is melting outside of my little cozy cape in the burbs. The birds are singing a bit louder and I've been able to open the windows on sunny afternoons. Oh the promise of Spring! There have been ups and downs.....long days and evenings keeping the pump up in the cellar, muddy paw prints and shoes that never get a chance to dry. I came home to a little trip North, to a fine dinner and knowing that I was missed. 

My work is always beside me these days. There is plenty to do. TDIPT opened last night, but the internet service here had hiccups throughout the evening and into today. Too bad I couldn't upload with my Nook; that seemed to work pretty well!

My offerings are a blend of a few of my loves. Bunnies and chickens named as a memorial to my daughters pets...and of course a crow. Halloween lives here all year long. A click on the bunnies will take you to my page, but grab a mug of something goode to sip on and enjoy the wonderful work of others as well~

Friday, March 11, 2011

Wilder Than A March Hare Around Here!

I am still juggling and getting everything settled here in my new home, and I know so many of you are wanting patterns. March is always a time for celebration for me as I opened Raven's Haven in 2003. Eight years of patterns, and more to come. Please celebrate with me by enjoying a free download...one of more to come. Some you have this one, but, and I will be slipping in at least one new one in the days to come. Little Creek will be here for a week~ just click on the picture and download. He was a design inspired by the pattern (and real life bunnie runner, Rosie) Thank you Tim for your ideas, help and nudges forward...not to mention your love and support!

Monday, March 7, 2011


February has flown right past me. I look behind and wonder just how that happened. There was a whole lot of shoveling in February...and January was big in that department also. Today is a March mix of freezing rain, sleet and now snow. A great day to spend in my flannels with some inspiring movies, my sewing machine and new drawings to try out from the wee hours of the morning.

Today is a definite fabric day... but it's not always like that. You see, I've had a long love affair with painting, sculpting and drawing too; well, for as long as I can remember. The problem is that to make a living, I've had to try to stay with the fabric side of things...but as you've seen over the past year... I just could not stay in one place and I felt a need to pick up the clay again. Oh how I've missed it! There are newer clays and techniques than that of my humble beginnings. After learning how to sew and problem solve in that arena, I can now clothe my wee sculpted folk.

My problem is that I love to draw, paint, sew and sculpt and I just can't settle into one thing. It's kind of like getting your hair cut...you grow your hair out long, only to get it cut short. Cut it short and afterwards, you have long hair in mind again.

I always felt that I had to stick with one media and do it well; not jump around. It wasn't until my brother pointed out that to him, he was impressed at my mastery of different media. My diversity means that I have much more to share. I never thought of it that way!

This March day is bringing a madness of it's own.. rain,sleet and more snow. My sewing machine awaits; and also my clay. I don't feel tied down this way....I am thirsty for more. Tomorrow may be a pen and ink day and that's fine too.It's just the way I roll.