A Unique Primitive Art with a whisper to the past~

These truly ARE the voices in my head.

Friday, March 15, 2019


Amy is looking for a home. 

Early Work Mercantile 
opened last night.
There are still wonderful pieces that I have available. 
This is Amy.
She is named after
one of the Little Women~
I always loved her 
" You don't need scores of suitors,
you need only one, if he's the right one."

A favorite quote of mine,
that I have often repeated to my daughters as they have grown up.

To say that I got involved in her dress,
is an understatement.
I had this pictured in my head for years now.
I attack my sewing simply
with an elegance to it...
and this was anything but simple.
I was able to get it,
driven by my desire to 
challenge myself.
It took some time. 
....and it was 
so very worth it.

Our Starling colony has
been arriving
as Spring
creeps in...

looking for homes!

And what says,
Spring is coming
as much as sheep?
The wee ones 
are arriving!

 Witch in white is still available.

I love pieces that 
I can tuck
in the dollhouse 
hang on a cupboard door.
these are a perfect size.
of course...
Halloween does live in this house
year round.

....and with it a new 

The Moss Witch of County Cork
is still available at EHAG

Mousies are an ever 
source of 

A friend
nudged me about 
adding more mushrooms
this year.
It's been a while...
These are inspired by the ceramic ones.
that my Dad
and I would make 
and sell to Vermont Shoppes
when I was 
a teen.

 As you can tell,
I have been deep 
in creating...
and for me as an Artist,
it is because a part of me needs
to escape
life at the moment
and create a balance

Our family
is suddenly faced
with a member
that has a health crisis.

It has knocked the wind 
out of our sails 
at the moment...

"In Her Widow's Weeds" is still available.

I will be sharing
when it is decided to be shared.
Right now,
we are all
just navigating
the start of 
this journey.