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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Waiting For Snow

As with some of my fellow Artisans, it has been difficult to create with a heavy heart. My heart has been with the families of Newton. Although heartbroken, they are not giving in to shadows. 

Today and in the next day or so, we should see some spits and sputters of snow. I'm ready, as you can see. I've pushed myself forward once again. Sometimes, friends will give you inspiration and renew your creativity. I usually do these mice in what is called a "stump", style doll. A chat with some friends, changed my direction with the little Mousels, I was now determined to make them free standing. They are well on their way....
As I finished their wee bodies, I stumbled across a small sled, and well....these two had a little different mission. 

My next piece is also close to my heart. I dearly love Canadian geese. I do miss hearing so many of them back North in Granville. I love to see them overhead and their beauty can bring a tear to this girl's eye. I'm like that, but now you know more of my heart. My work reflects so much of what I truly love. With Abby, I also knew that she needed to be dressed in Regency inspired. Nothing could have prepared me to the beauty of her as she came to life. There is such a warmth to her that the camera can't pick up. and so... on Jane Austen's 237th Birthday, comes Abby. 

And finally... a new Raven, Poe. I've been playing with the concept for months. I love it....He has a Winter Pine sprig...but I can see a heart...a crescent moon. Here we go again....back to creating.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

December Mist

Olde Kinderhook Santa

I look at this blank page and think...December? how did that happen so quickly? I blinked in August and it was October.. I blink again and it is December.


It is a dark and dreary New England day here. The trees are just silhouettes of sticks and the misty fog softens their usual stark appearance. It is damp and cold outside... a mix of smells, between the wet earth...the fallen leaves and wafting through out like a ribbon...wood smoke. Inside it smells of pine and spices as candle glow casts a warm light. The tree is set up and awaiting decorations, but it will be a few more days still. I have a few orders to get out  to the mail and then the reclaiming  of the Cottage begins. Creating has been such at such a fast and furious rate, that there has been no time for recovery. I need to do it within the next couple weeks. There are Holidays to celebrate and family to enjoy. A time for my work to truly take a backseat...at least until New Years.Then look out.

Olde Mantle Deer

I have notes and plans all laid. As much as I have the sketches and directions along with shows that I will fill the calendar with... it always changes. There is an email or a phone call and a door opens. I'm thankful for it all. It is a part of the journey. I'm excited... while some things I already know, there are the surprises along the way. Until next time... a few pictures of some of my favorite friends..

Olde Schenectady Santa





Sunday, October 14, 2012

Little Women Inspired

It's the middle of October already... where does the time go to? It is my youngest daughter's Senior year. This Fall also holds other family events, such as a new baby, Great Nephew for Tim and two weddings this month. Time is  slipping through my fingers faster than I would like.  We had our first hard frost the morning before last. The garden will now sleep until Spring. I love the crisp mornings and the smell of the fallen leaves. Oh if they could just bottle that smell!

Tonight is the opening of TDIPT Mercantile and I have two Wee Folk ready to be spoken for.  Above is Marmee, the wise Barn Owl, inspired by the beloved mother in the classic, Little Women. She is painted and dressed in sepia tones ( or as I call them, Memory Tones)...back to another time.

And then, there is Jeremy the rat. He has been enjoying his evenings here in the Wee Dollhouse and will always keep a home feeling cozy in candle light.  Both pieces are very near and dear to my heart....

None so dear, however than that of my own "Little Women". Bailey fussed over Jessie's hair and that of her friend and Jessie went off with her beau, to their last Homecoming.  Jessie is my "Little Jo" and Bailey, a more serious "Meg". Life gives you sweet memories as you make more.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Merrye October

October has arrived! My favorite time of year. Today has dawned with milky skies and a hint of fallen leaves with wood smoke wafting in the breeze. An apple cake will soon be in the oven, it's cinnamon scent wrapping around me as the oven takes the chill off of the house. A perfect, "Sleepy Hollow" day and yes...that will keep me company also as I work away.

October 1st marks the opening of Simply Primitives and also Olde Primitive Peddler. I am in my glory with it all. My work has been going at full tilt since July, and it doesn't show signs of slowing down any. I'd like to tell you that this is a 40 hour a week job, but any real artist will tell you that it doesn't go that way. Our brains are tuned in 24/7  and our hands just have to be busy. With shows and orders, I have to squeeze in other designs right now, I will work on them just for a few stolen minutes every day. My Catina Witch is a blend of a simplified, primitive witch and my take on a "sugar skull" look.  Eight years after a visit to Arizona, and the "Day of the Dead" skeletons in the local shops still inspire ...or perhaps... haunt me. 

Edna Nettles is also a new friend. She reminds me of a dear Aunt. A blend of a more gentle woman dressed with Early New England inspires.

In her gnarled and arthritic hands... one of my hand made baskets, full of preserved Sweet Annie.

Both of these are available on Olde Primitive Peddler.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~
 On Simply Primitives, I have two new witches from my latest show.

They both have Puritan New England names...Above is Temperance.

And this is Silence. I made a few and I thought I would share with my online collectors. They are a little different construction for me, but they were both so fun. Each has a dried Clementine for a pumpkin in their hands. I'm sure they will inspire more ahead.

Ahh yes.. a Merrye October it tis indeed. A full moon will shine tonight and you can bet this witch lover will be wrapped in her love of all things Fall.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Song of September

Life can get crazy, can't it? Summer has been a busy one and spent among family. Now, it seems, September's pace will not be slowing down any. Tim has been harvesting the garden and making lots of tomato sauce....these sunny days are a treat, filled with the smell of the simmering tomatoes as I work. I feel wrapped in memories. Going back in time, all those years ago at my Grandmothers house, milling tomatoes and helping with canning for winter treats.

Our second show if the year was held at the Historic Mabee Farm. Finished items have been slow in this economy and I hadn't been there in two years. I wasn't prepared to sell over half of my inventory....so, as soon as I got home, I dove into the work of goode creating with my next show just three weeks ahead. I also wasn't prepared for shops and customers to start ordering again in a way they had not for over four years. A wonderful sign that the economy is on the mend! 

And then.... off we went to the Apple and Wine Festival in Altamont NY~ nestled near the Helderberg Mountains. I was feeling right at home among the smells of the apples and changing leaves...not to mention the wonderful smell of dear friend and booth neighbor, Mindy Hewitt of Penny Creek. Her wax tarts are the bomb!

It doesn't look like it is going to slow down anytime soon. I still have more than plenty to keep me busy with a couple more shop orders and some customer orders still to do. I also have another show in about five weeks and another to apply for. My sewing machine hums along and I am pulling drawings from my archives as well as sketching new ones. I'm also tossing in a few beloved Netty designs to fill in among my own. My head spins with inspiration and my hands are doing their best to keep up. I am very thankful to have such busy hands and love that I can just roll out of my bed and be to work. There is something goode to be said for that!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

It's Showtime!

This Saturday begins my Fall and Holiday Shows for 2012. I'm so excited to be back at the Mabbee Farm (and I will be inside in their new building!) I hope to see some of you there~ Stop by and say hello!  My Prim Skeleton Angel will be available.

The Goode Wife
Washington County
Show Schedule 2012

Mabbee Farm
*Aug 25 10-4
*Nov 17 9-4
* I am in the new building :0)

Apple and Wine Fest (Altamont Fair Grounds)
Sept 15 & 16
10-6, 10-5 Rain or shine~ I'm inside.

Niskayuna School
Oct 27 10-3
High School, Balltown rd.

Ballard Elementary School
Nov 10 9-3:30
300 Ballard Rd (exit 16 off of I 87)

****If you bring a pic of the angel, you can receive 10% off of your purchase*****

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Singing the Blues

TDIPT Mercantile  is full of new offerings once again and I am excited to share. I LOVE pumpkins, and keep many of my Pumpkin decorations out, as year long as I can get away with. I also adore all kinds of yummy pumpkin recipes. I do try to behave myself, but when it comes to pumpkin, it is difficult. I've had a blast in my Witch Garden out back, I am patiently awaiting to see what color tiny pumpkin gourds will fill my home with joy. One seed, I did not find as I was planting, was the Blue Moon or Jarrahdale. As you can see, from "Humble" above, they have sat heavily upon my imagination.

The color of these pumpkins, is striking and it went beautifully with the extreme Prim colors... but would it translate to others? This was a risky step and well.. that's what we as Artists do sometimes....take you on a little journey outside of expectations. It's like watching Project Runway... you put your heart and soul out for all to see, but will they love it, or hate it?

My email and Face Book pages have lit up with the verdict....thank you so much for all of the encouraging words and for all of the "blue pumpkin love"!

However, I didn't stop there!  I just love the tombstone angels and well, as long as I was mixing it up a bit...why not??? Sometimes, you hit upon your best designs when you just take a chance and let your creativity flow. 

.....and I even stretched a bit more. These journey's...or studies are a part of design. With goode editing skills, it is such an invigorating feeling to have a couple of designs and sketches grow with creativity. So, as you see, what started out with blues on my mind, grew and grew. As I stepped outside of traditional expectations, I surprised even myself. I'm thinking that I will sing the blues with wings next.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Dance


This Summer has truly been wonderful for us. This past weekend, a Father walked his oldest daughter down the aisle. Both were beaming...

Mr. and Mrs Wrobel

My youngest daughter, Jess cutting up with Tim. These two are always goofing off with each other. I adore this picture of them, it really speaks of their relationship. It was hard to not have my oldest, Bailey with us, but Texas is so far away.

A mix of olde and new, past and present as I pick up my love of Puritan Gravestone carvings again. This is Faith, and along with Patience, below, they are offerings on Olde Primitive Peddler.




And Mercy....the angel that started it all, years ago. It has been a great journey and it has only just begun. The Goode Wife is still growing and from the response, it is growing in a great direction. 

"Made in America" is back in vogue.
"Buy Local Saturday" is growing and with it, keeping small businesses working. 
We are the ones that will build and repair the economy.

Life, truly is a dance.....

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

That Afternoon Cup of Joe

There is something to be said for an afternoon break with a hot, fresh brewed cup of coffee beside. A time to take a deep breath to reflect on the day's work and gather up before another plunge into finishing the orders and goals for my day. I don't need anything fancy...a plain and simple cup of Joe. My one must is my mug... oh yes, it is all about the mug. This is my favorite. It is my sunshine...even if the day outside is lacking.

This was the main part of my work the past couple of weeks. When I make mice....it's never one at a time. This is how they start...very blank slates, but with my clear voice and point of view. Mice have become very popular  and it becomes difficult to make a unique impression that is truly yours. It is all in the silhouette and then in the details. Their bodies and faces have remained the same from the start...their fashions however, are still developing. 

...and this was the main piece that was delivered yesterday. They don't have a home just yet. I am very honored to say that these two were made for a very special event....The Susan G. Komen, Race for the Cure in Manchester Vermont this Saturday (the 28th) If you click on their picture, you will be taken to the site for further details. They are a part of the silent auction.

On a personal note.. I'm in no way a runner, but who has to run? We can help in other ways~ they can always use helping hands no matter where the event is held. For me...this was perfect. I love giving back...I am so thankful for all of the goode things in my life and the ability to work from home. I hope that these two mice get a very special home...but much more than that, I hope that the cure is found. Godspeed my little friends.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

It's A Primitive Life

I just can't help it.... I love witches. Well, let's just say that I love all things Halloween, instead. This week it is witches, next week, it may be skeletons! I have been organizing a work room to sew and hold ALL of my fabric (I could open a store) and unpacking family treasures from my Mom's house. It is a great task, indeed. I am finding treasures long forgotten, both family and made of my own two hands. I came across some sketches of my "Goodie" witch series. Aha! The concept was there and with a little tweaking, this gal was born. That in turn set off a whole new bunch of inspires.... I think I need an assistant sometimes, I have soooo many designs. 

Another subject, very dear to my heart is the classic crow. How many ways can you make a crow? As many as it takes, I say! I absolutely love this one. A touch of realism, a unique 3/4 view done with simplicity. Both of these offerings can be found at TDIPT Mercantile.

The Summer is going at breakneck speed with family events. Tim's family has now grown with the birth of Great Niece, Maggie. 

His Niece, Julie has married also ~ what fun that was! A big welcome to Sergey ~ We've learned a few things of his Russian heritage. I learned that I'm not fond of caviar, no matter how expensive it is.

 Tonight, we are all waiting and ready to welcome another new member who has been taking his time getting here. We hope that Wee Baby Daus gives it up and gets here tonight. He will be another Great Nephew for Tim.

The days are going quickly and are filled mostly with blessings and joys. Like anyone else, we have our share of bumps, but thankfully, nothing major. We have watched so many dealing with a heat wave, so much worse than ours, along with wildfires and damaging storms. You will find no complaints here. Instead, a great appreciation for all we have ~ for the daily simple joys, for health and family, and for the ability to work from my home. It took a lot to get here, but I appreciate that I can enjoy the love of Primitives that have become my heart and soul.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Goode Summer

Life is quite busy here at the Wee Cottage on Curry Road. It seems that the days are speeding by and it is difficult to believe it is July already. We are very dry here as most areas in the US. We have been spared the extremely high temperatures and are so very fortunate. Our hearts and prayers go to those that have been living a nightmare with storms and fires.

While this Summer is a family one for me, I am still working on Wee Folk. I just can't stop! I am not working as much though. June brought us Bailey's graduation and her move to Texas, to be with her boyfriend. I am very proud of her. It is often difficult for someone whose disabilities aren't seen, to be taken seriously when they ask for help. The airlines did not help her at all, even with repeated requests and making sure that the info was put into their computer systems.  Thankfully, she had her phone and family/boyfriend support to make her journey a success. My heart twinges a bit, to see her all grown up. 

Jessie will be a Senior in the Fall. At 16, she has had a job for over a year, got her license and bought her own car last month. This kid is full speed ahead and my heart twinges a little more to see her all grown and so independent. But that is how I raised them to be and they are succeeding, right?

 So, now I am working on new patterns to release, as well as resetting my Picture Trail which was deleted accidently.  The good news is, that I may be savvy enough to add a PayPal cart in. Wish me luck! It will be a process, but don't forget that my Etsy Shoppe is home to many of my patterns as I work along on the new Picture Trail. You can currently purchase any of the patterns listed on the Picture Trail, also.
I have had some fun with rats such as Belinda.....

Abe and Kringle, seen above, were mice that I was just itching to make last year and did not get the chance. Below is my personal favorite~ Wednesday. I could do Mousie Witches and Rats all the time.

And here she is pictured with her bestie ~ Clarice. The Wee Dollhouse is full of chatter with these two. (they are still available to adopt.)
I also tried my hand at a round headed Pumpkin Gal~ Blessing. I did have fun with her. I tried them years ago and did not really like doing them...but time and practice march along. I'm much better at sewing and problem solving than I was then.
~*~ The 2 mousies are still available, along with Jackie, the fox. They can be found on my first of the month offreings on Simply Primitives and Olde Primitive Peddler ~*~
Ahh...summertime. A time for new babies (3), weddings (5) all in the Walsh Family this Summer and Fall. I will be busy, and there will be lots of changes, but it is all goode!