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These truly ARE the voices in my head.

Monday, February 24, 2014

The Simple Quiet

Although the weather isn't always the nicest...
this is a nice time of year for me.
If a stubborn cold wants to linger, I'm not under too many deadlines.

If the snow piles high, I am home with the wood stove and hot chocolate.
If I need to meet a deadline, the crock pot or the pressure cooker gives me the time I seek and a good hot meal (or two) for us.

It's not so crazy, busy and I can rest up a little.

It is the time of year for me to pick up my pen and draw new note cards.

This year I have the Wee Shoppe to think about too, so the pencil has been getting a workout with new designs.

There is plenty to keep busy, but I feel like I can catch my breath...
center myself...
try to pick up where I left off when it got so busy, last year.
Find those projects,
Set sail those goals that I did not get to work on.

I feel like I can think clearer.
Balance life.
Enjoy the simple quiet.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Yankee Snow

Today we have been given snow.
It seems to be a good old fashioned, Yankee Winter. A school friend and I were talking today and reminiscing....circa, winter 1977.
Sleds and toboggans, sunrise to sunset.
Hot chocolate with milk taken right from the barn vat,
Mountains dressed in white.

Today's snow is a pretty one, each flake taking it's time....not in a hurry, like the last snowfall....

And so, my afternoon has taken suit. A candle glow day, that brings a warm, yellow light as the sun begins to fade.

Michael Lucarelli plays classical guitar for me, adding a coziness and a familiarity to days gone by.

The "big sauce" simmers and wraps the house in Sunday afternoons at my Grandmother's. 

                        Tiny stitches made with love are bringing Wee Miss Belle to life.
She is a little different for me and I am enjoying each step of the way.

I love days such as this.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

A Reflection of My Heart

It's snowing again... or perhaps the better word is, "still".
I won't complain, it is so very pretty out and it's not bitter cold, either.
I love the smell of a fire in the wood stove. 
Ours is in the basement, it keeps the floors warm and all of us cozy.

I started sculpting my fine ladye horse last week.
She is my heart.....
I have loved horses for as long as I can remember.

 A freckle faced kid, chasing my father around and  for one. 

I never had one of my own, but I did spend my teen years beside them....
riding, enjoying and always sketching.

Enjoying the smells of a stable and all of that leather.

It was just a matter of time before horses would creep into my sculpting.

I wasn't sure I was ready, but with a deep breath I dug into the clay, determined.

I can't tell you how surprised I am at how she came out.....every step of the way. 
I am awestruck at my own ability.
It was magic, I am sure of it.

I know, the man that was always my greatest champion in life and artwork is up above and always watching. 
Always critiquing and pushing me to do better; learn more.
(I'm still learning with these Queen Anne inspired.)

Before he went home, he asked that I show the world all that I do, not just the Primitive dolls.
 I can't help but think that he had a hand in this...
a little magic, he would say.

Mariah is available on Early Work Mercantile.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Life Wrapped In Love

There is a quiet on my Facebook posts and on here...but don't be fooled. 
It's busy at the Wee Cottage.

There are taxes to work on....
Appointments to go to...
Special family time.
The wood stove has worked harder this year; no surprise, right?

Tim and I have danced with  colds here and there...and I have been doing battle with a virus. They can be tough bugs sometimes, but I am winning.
Spice Chai has been a goode friend lately.

In it all I have been working on designs and sculpting as I can. There are patterns that will need samples and my new line is coming along.

A couple weeks ago, there was a commercial for Valentine's Day, showing a beautiful necklace as a gift from a gentleman to his beloved....

I looked at Tim and said....
"I am just NOT that kinda girl. I would be happiest with a brick of clay...."
He laughed...after nine years together, he knows how true this is.

This afternoon he asked what I would like for Valentines Day....I replied that I couldn't think of a thing besides him, to which he smartly replied,  "and a brick of clay too?"

I kinda love that guy....