A Unique Primitive Art with a whisper to the past~

These truly ARE the voices in my head.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

The Package

Twas the season after black and orange,
and all through the cottage,
our pumpkins and skeletons
 were illuminated in red and green wattage.

Our witchy girls
were sat to the side with great care,
in order to give Santa the spotlight,
as is only fair.

When out by the front door,
I heard a big knock
I ran to the door,
to promptly unlock.

It was dear Santa,
dressed in his reds.
Delivering a package 
and looking well fed.

The package was brown
and as plain as could be. 
From Michigan it said, 
"a grave matter for thee".

Into the house I went,
all cozy and warm
this is serious, thought I~
Tis time to perform. 

To the table I went,
 scissors in hand...
What could this be?
 It must be quite grand!

So with scissors and care
 I opened the box.
I was greeted with a shovel, 
dirt and some moss.

"This is indeed a grave matter!",
was my first thought. 
 After some digging,
 my shovel did stop.

It took some work
 to find my unusual prize...
 it was a wee coffin
of a curious size.

I opened it with care
and read with a shaking hand...
 an invitation from Bewitching Peddlers, 
   to spread Halloween throughout the land!

And so dear family and friends~ 
I am honored to announce,
that I will be traveling to 
once again...
to gather with my show family,
on the 29th of September

details to follow in the new year