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Tuesday, July 17, 2018


It appears that I have been a slacker...
But only in keeping up with my blog.
I have been fast at work...
although we squeezed in a little vacation
 I will catch you up!

The Hawthorne Hotel.
The most haunted Hotel in the US.
We were on the top floor, and yes, we were touched!!

Near the end of May, 
we took a little trip with our friends,
Pete and Gail.
We had the opportunity to visit Salem!
An awesome adventure
packed with history,
architecture, window shopping
and eats.

The house of Dani and Max,
from the movie, Hocus Pocus.

The Clue Mansion.
The Parker Brothers'
based their game from the murder here.

The Witch House~
we didn't get a chance to tour it
this time.....
there was so much to do!

The House of The Seven Gables~
my favorite tour.
The paint color came about in the early 1900s.
before that,
 the houses weren't painted.
The oak simply ages
and blackens with time.
The paint color was intended to mimic it.
Gail and I did this tour~
It gives the history of the Witch Trials.

Proctors Ledge
where 19 accused men and witches were hanged.

You cant have a Dinghy
without these two Dingies...
I rest my case....

You can't visit Salem without
enjoying great food.
Turner's Seafood.

I learned the hard way.
Be careful what you ask for.
After a day of walking,
we stopped at the Tavern in our hotel...
 for just a little snack before bed.
"I'll just have a pretzel."

On our last morning,
I decided to
enjoy a pancake.
Red's doesn't fool around and as Gail found out on our first morning...
one is all that you need! 

We walked miles and ate lots. 
Salem is in our hearts forever 
and we will
return next Spring.

To say I was inspired,
seems to be an understatement!

I know that I will
create  with Salem
wrapped in my spirit and soul!

...as my feet start touching the ground again
I am fast at work for Bewitching Peddlers,
Early Work Mercantile...
and my Etsy Shop.

Upon our return, 
I found that 
Etsy was rolling out changes.

I'm not a big fan of change,
but it needed to happen

I have not changed
the price of my
patterns for 10 years.
A modest price change 
now will reflect 
 the cost of selling 
through Etsy.
 The Patterns are still
a great deal at 9.50 each.
 With that
you get a package in the mail.
A real package~
something to eagerly await,
tear open and treasure!

That wasn't so bad.