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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Anwyn, Dyed Papers and Breezes

These are very much busy times for all of us. It has been quite rainy lately in Upstate New York, but like many, I am thankful that it is just rain. My heart goes out to so many, whose lives have been in peril with the tornadoes this year. Tim and I have been busy planting the flower beds as we can and this weekend, the rest of the vegetables will go in. 

I am balancing new drawings for Monahan Papers,  filling pattern orders, monthly offerings and finished items for upcoming shows. A smattering of Care Giving on weekends for my Mom and all of the things that two teen girls need done, make me wish for more hours in the day. 

Yesterday, I put the finishing touches on Anwyn. Her name is Welsh for "pale one" and she is a nod, in this way to my heritage. I have been working on several wee folk, but I chose her for my AHA Artist's offering. It is her clothing that is a reflection of what has been inspiring me lately. The deep blacks of ink and mottles tones of aged looking papers...yes, my inspire was the hand dyed papers of my beloved friends.

Today finds me writing this post as a cool breeze makes it's way from the kitchen . The wind chimes are my music to work by this afternoon. A melon scented candle blends with that of a bunch of Sweet Annie that dances with those window breezes. Simple joys as I work.

...and so goes the beginning of Summer time for us. Graduations, barbecues, ice cream cones enjoyed with concerts in the park...and fireflies dancing about at the Drive-In. We welcome thee, Humble Summer.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Big Show, Olde Crows

New York City has a bit more hustle and bustle in it today as the New York Paper and Stationary Show opens. It is a show that I've heard about for years and never ever dreamed that my designs would be a part of. Our dreams never come by our work alone and Stephanie has certainly given me a wonderful opportunity, as family and friends feathered my wings on this adventure!
Today also is the opening of TDIPT Mercantile  . I'm introducing 2 new...ahem, OLDE crows done in Olde World Style. You can just see them going about their days sweeping their nests along with other daily duties. They remind me of the little old Italian ladies of my youth,especially Mrs. Santoros. She knows that I would gladly help her do most anything, except clean squid for dinner. I still remember her laughing eyes on that one!

There is much to do ahead with new designs going to Stephanie for after the show. Halloween is my favorite and I will be in that mode for the paper and rubber stamp line fully......although, I have a suspicion that it will flow over to other areas. There is also the Simple Goodes Show. This is a dream show for me; I'm over the moon about meeting so many of my on-line friends, but I have to plant my sewing foot firmly on the pedal. I am loving that I can fully dive into designing, it's been a long wait for me! 

Monday, May 9, 2011

Keeping the Faith

My oldest daughter, Bailey will graduate in June. She has had her struggles with Asperger's and there were times that I was afraid she would need more time; perhaps she would not graduate with her class. She is on track and has made Merit Honor Roll this year to boot. She has worked, so very hard to get where she is and although she still has a ways to go in different areas and may need a helping hand in others ~ she is doing just fine.

I find myself reflecting on my own High School Graduation and how my parents told me, that it would mark the start of my adult life. My life would never be the same. I look back again to the day that I walked into Art School, in Lake Placid. Other than painting lessons as a kid, I was self taught in all the other media. How would this change my life? I learned that it did not change my gift, it gave me knowledge to better direct me and improve upon it. Foundations were better laid, but I still had to do all of the work...and work very hard.

I have found that like all changes that we put in motion, most of it comes from within. We have to put in the work and hold hands with Ambition to move forward with it. It is a tougher journey to make a living at this..really make a living. I have trusted that if I do the work that I love, the money would come. All I have asked for is to have "enough" financially. I am thankful for my parent's who gave my children and I, a roof over our heads and food  in lieu of helping them and care giving for several years. At times, I could not work as I would have liked to, but I did what was needed. As a single parent, without the aid of child support, my ability to make some kind of living for my children was dire. I still had to provide for my daughters' needs beyond what my parents provided in in helping with their own needs.

 I learned that life is about the simple things and we do not need every gadget that comes along. We are not defined by the car we drive and as long as it takes care of us, I don't care what it is. I don't need a new car or a constant car payment. I love my jeans and most of my clothes have coffee and paint stains on it... I couldn't be happier.  Sleeping on a Futon through these years still brings a giggle. It wasn't what I wanted, but it met my needs. I had what made me happiest, my girls, a family, a home and the ability to do what I loved for work. My girls have learned that although they may not have everything that some kids do, they have what they need. Both have learned to reach beyond and work for what they want. They seem well grounded.

Now I am watching another piece of me take off on it's own journey. I have drawn several designs for Monahan papers and have watched Stephanie work magic with them. Above, you will see a stamp that I had made from an unfinished sketch. Above that, is a rubber sheet full of the finished design as well as others. My work, is going forward in a way that I had never really thought as reachable yet. With this opportunity comes dreams and wishes. Mostly, it comes with Faith; that it will do well and be "enough" to keep a small, "Made in the USA", business thriving. Above all, I hope it continues to give me the ability to keep me working in my well forged bond of Faith and Ambition. Cheers Stephanie, and forward ho!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Busting Out In Goode Things

Wee Janie is available on Simply Primitives this month.

Spring is busting out in full force here in Upstate New York. After what seemed like a never ending Winter of olde, we are ecstatic to see the first blooms of Spring and yes...green leaves on the trees once again. Our lawn is dotted with dandelions and I love their sunny blossoms. 

I'm having a great time creating, although quite a bit of what I have created you won't see right away as it is off to where it is needed for shows, licensing and publication. With it, I'll be packing also as I travel outside of my little Cape Home and watch my work go places that I have only dreamed of before. I am amazed, humbled and so very honored. I can't help but feel that my Father who urged me to go forward on this before he passed....is smiling down and cheering me forward.

The New York Paper Show is right around the corner! If you had said, "Stacey, this is a goode place for you to be." a month ago... I would have thought...no way. I am so thankful to Stephanie, who has worked her magic with drawings that I have sent to her and they are becoming papers, cards, framed art and rubber stamps....and I'm probably missing some items also! I hope that these designs go far, but in a way they already have. I would have never thought that they would look as great as they do, or be so versatile. I will share them and any info on them as I can. I hope that you will enjoy them also.

I'm taking a couple days to squeeze in some paperwork and pattern works along with the start of my show sewing. I will be going back to some bigger shows and traveling with my wee folk in the Walshmobile over a few states. I am very honored to announce that we will be in Ohio in November....yes, Ohio. That could only mean one thing, right? The Simple Goodes Show .
I am still pinching myself with this one! I can't wait, to see everyone, but if I don't get moving today, I won't have anything to show tomorrow~ And so, I am off to goode creating and thankful to the many opportunities that have come my way. Yes, we are definitely busting out in goode things here!