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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Small Show Love

Yesterday we did the last show of 2011. This was the second year that I have done this show in Canajoharie. It's small and delightful, hosted by the Arkell Museum. As you can see, we were a bit punchy. Yes, the silly bald man is in his glory here as I hurriedly make any last minute adjustments before the doors open.

I love shows, big and small. A young man stopped by my booth with camera in hand. He had, "The LOOK".  It is the reason that I love doing shows. You can see an instant connection being made; first in the eyes and then with the smile. It doesn't matter if they purchase anything, it is simply, "The LOOK" that makes all those long hours and sandwiches for dinner worth it all. He politely asked if he could photograph the booth and I for the local paper.....well of course! After photos and an interview, he had to bring one of my paper ornaments to live with him. He picked a wee little mouse in Regency dress that he had been eyeing through the whole interview. After he left, I thought back to one of his questions. He asked which I liked doing better, the really big shows or the small ones like this? Both was my reply. I am thankful to be invited to do the big shows, travel and meet people that I have enjoyed for many years in books and magazines. I have made many wonderful friends and we all gather at these shows, like family ~ enjoying catching up with everyone.  It is the small shows, though, that make my heart smile. To see the connection made; to enjoy the friends and family that stop by (especially when they bring pizza)...to give back to the community and people that gave me my humble beginnings. 

I am beyond excited as I look ahead and put my plans for 2012 in motion. Today, I will start some of my paper works for the first and biggest show of next year....opening in less than 2 months. The paper works will be where most of my time will be spent for a few months, but I am excited to plan a few pattern releases and  a sculpted Wee Folk or two. As Spring breaks out in new leaves and birdsong, I will be planning all the local shows. This Goode Wife can't wait to meet friends, family, and mostly watch for that look to come across so many faces.  


The Cinnamon Stick said...

When I read your words Stacy it ALWAYS makes me want to go right to my sewing room and "create" - I don't do so much of that anymore with the store taking much of my time, BUT your inspiration is inviting me to pull out those patterns and make 2012 a year to indulge myself in lots of creativity!! I am one of your "groupies" !!!! XOXO, Judy

Stacey said...


As women we often wear many hats, to keep everything in running order within our homes, then take on responsibilities outside of the home. A friend once told me that we are plate spinners, keeping every entity of our lives in movement and balanced. We often put creating to the sideline, not recognizing that it is our way to relax, enjoy and refuel our soul.Keep some time for you each day, just for you~ create and wrap all that you love around you!

Hugs~ Stacey

The Cinnamon Stick said...

Making that a New Year's Resolution that I INTEND to keep...thanks for your encouraging words...XOXO