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Monday, August 1, 2011

Always Learning

I was always the kid with my nose in a book and I loved school. When I was in grade school, I wanted to be an Anthropologist and had dreams of digging up bones, learning how they fit or deciphering Hieroglyphics. My travels as a Military daughter taught me that new places held opportunities, and to open myself to them. There are opportunities to learn about history, people and their spirituality, even if it was different from ours. My later High School and college years would find me engrossed in special classes such as Eastern Religions, the Mayan Culture and Avian Biology. Which I still step back to today. 

Most of my pieces have some kind of research done on them, be it the clothing, history or skeletal structure. My offerings for the new group that I am in, Olde Primitive Peddler, were no exception. I had just finished a commissioned piece for a vintage style elephant pull toy. Where better to go, for an inspire but Steiff? Interestingly enough,  with the antique riders, the trunks were all down and not up. Wasn't that bad luck? You will see Dharma has his trunk down. I learned that the trunk up for luck was pretty much an American idea dating back to approximately the 1920's. A trunk up, held luck, but a trunk down dispensed it....and so, Dharma reflects the elephant toys of old and it is my hope that he dispenses tons of luck in his new home. 

In the days of old, many a Healer or Midwife was accused of being a witch. They often lived outside of a village and near the hedges...or edges of a forest, where they could gather their barks and healing plants for their medicines. These brave women were sometimes called, Hedge Witches. This wise gal is made purposely with twig arms and legs; and dressed in humble fabrics made from cotton and linen. She holds my spirit in all that she is. 

Finally, my offering for Simply Primitives. I am certainly learning a new dance here...how to have enough offerings for 2 sites that open on the same date! It will all come together in time. Esme is made in primitive and early style. A favorite of mine. She is a bigger door greeter and I love that expressions can be meaningful and so very simply executed.  

Now the cleanup begins, some research starts alongside my creativity. Always learning... I like that.


maddyrose said...

These are wonderful pieces. I really like your work.

Rachelll said...

Just clicking through random blogs when I came across your work, it's really beautiful! I love your style..

Kinda crooked but in a good way : )