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Monday, June 29, 2009

The Road Back

It is a slow road I am traveling right now, but it is a good one and the days are cherished. They are busy and full. I have been wrapping myself up in family as one would wrap up in an old quilt that Grandma made. I have been reflecting on so much that has been my life here in Granville and especially these wee friends I adore creating.
I remember the day I came racing in to share my great epiphany in knowing just what I wanted to focus on as an artist. "A doll maker!", I told my father. He instantly put on his best, "You can't be serious" look. He reminded me that I did not know how to sew and I had such a wonderful training; a dream come true at Lake Placid's School of Art. In all these years since, he's still not understood, or seen that special moment when a doll's spirit connects with who they are meant to belong to. No, he hasn't understood at all. Not the kitchen table covered with fabric and doll parts in nearly every room, but he's proud of my choice and the places that my wee friends have taken me. Mostly he is proud that I have always followed my heart, no matter what anyone thinks.


kat449 said...

Stac...You were one of my first teachers in following my bliss...being true to myself...and my truth will prevail. Thank you. I hope to teach/mentor someone coming up behind me, as you so gently tucked me under your wing.
Ive been thinking of you so much lately, I know your heart is torn but I also know you will bloom where ever you are planted & touch so many.
(((Kat))) PS. I finally became a Grammie to a beautiful baby girl..please go see her on my blog..Thanks Huny!

queen-of-nostalgia said...

What lovely imagery! I like how you write, and I love your dolls :)

Cordwood Cabin said...

Love the banner (it's new since our last visit) -- and the retrospect post on becoming an artist. Your creations are certainly beautiful!

softinthehead said...

I remember those times your dad gave you that blank stare....I also remember the kitchen covered in body parts...Good Times! It's funny, that no matter what our journey is, there are still many detours...as long as you focus on the destination the detours will only become speed bumps on your way there. We've had our share of speed bumps, LOL....Take care Stace...