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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Step by Step

The fourth was a working day for me, but we did get to make it a bit special. Ours has always been a family of Service. My Dad and brother served in the military over twenty years each and have fought to keep us free. My father went on to serve his community as a Sheriff for another twenty years. My Mom and I worked retail in our communities and spent many a holiday outside of the home and volunteered our time and hands to help earn money for our community. Phone calls keep us all connected these days, with so many miles between us. Both brothers have been able to visit over the past two months and that was certainly our time to enjoy family coming together. My Father is far away from us right now, but he is on the road to recovery. Slow, but progressive. Yesterday was nice and quiet with a little barbecue dinner for Tim, my Mom and I. We watched part of the John Adams series to set the mood.
Today shines bright and the cobalt sky is a treasure, after so many rainy days of late. There is a gentle breeze, nice and cool with no sticky humidity. The guide that I set forth for this Good Wife a couple weeks ago is certainly on it's course. Yesterday I received word that my work has been accepted by a company that was just a hopeful wisp weeks ago. Now, I will need commercial samples very soon. I have a list to go by and drawings today that will turn into sewing today or tomorrow. There are also store orders to complete along with pattern orders to fill. I am so blessed that in such delicate times, my little friends will continue to bring smiles near and far.


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

I love your dolls and their whimsy as well..I have a couple of your patterns and hope to get more in the future..keep up the great work...:)

kat449 said...

Congrats on the great news....Im so happy that although feeling fragile in the changes in our lives...that we learn, that sometimes we need to feel "weak" in order to get strong...ya know? sometimes its not a break down, but a break thru? Not standing behind you anymore...standing right there beside you. (Please check your email)
Having another blog giveaway, please stop by & sign up. To the Moon Roons...(((Kat)))

softinthehead said...

Well Goodness! You never said anything about your good news! Congrats! Very happy to see you out and about...people need to know you Stace especially in these times of harsh accusations and lies. Chin up girl and go forth!

Stacey said...

Thank you, all of you, for all of the continued support and friendship. Thankfully, I just had to keep the faith and let people be exactly who they are!

Trying to get a couple Halloween patterns out for all of you and working on the models along with commercial samples and store orders. Quite a little carcass collection on the couch today!


Carole~Maynard Greenhouse said...

How fun to find you. I met Nettie a couple of years back at Valley Forge. My friend Ginny from Waterside Antiques in Clinton,Ct had in the past bought many things from her which is how I came know of her. I'll have to spend more time looking around.

NothingPlainByJane said...

How lucky for whatever licensing company it is that found you, for you are a rare commodity. 'Something divine and heart warming about your creations. Making them is a joy to my life. People need to try just one pattern, and they will be hooked like me and many, many others. What a lovely addiction!
Jane in MI

Stacey said...

Carole~ Welcome and come on in! I was Netty's partner in crime at the shows and always did the write ups! Ginny is such a treasure! I've enjoyed her since I met her when Netty and I did Brimfield. I'll let Netty know that you stopped by here!