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Monday, June 1, 2009

I Just Can't Help It

Conflict rules quite a bit as I work on my friends. Sometimes it really hits at the very end as I'm putting the finishing touches on everyone and giving them their soul... their eyes. Whimsy quite often rushes out in the form of bead eyes in a flounder like fashion. I can't help it. I try to paint a little eye on, or perhaps a more serious button, even the vintage glass ones from old shoes. The pattern pieces even have the nice little eyes drawn on. I can't tell you quite how it happens, but one moment I'm talking to my little friend and telling them that they are almost ready to view the world, before the world views them. Somehow two eyes end up on the same plane and there is life. I suppose though in all honesty, two eyes are better to view the world, even if you are at permanent profile stance. Pictured are my Lemon Poppyseed offerings...Okay, I did manage one normal friend.


kat449 said...

These are stinkin hysterical!! How charming...I dont think i could possibly pick just one...your just plain showin off now sistah! and iM so glad you are! I am beyond inspired.
Im back to blogging FINALLY! I know peeps thought Id gone and bought the farm...nope, this working for a living is highly over rated though! LOL. Please stop by fer some cawfee...living and loving wildly...( (Scaredy Kat))

Baggaraggs: said...

i think your new items are wonderful. i could spot your stuff a mile away...they all have your "Look." Remarkable talent. hugs, Robin

Blackstone Cottage said...

Stacey, I LOVE the horses. Please,please do a pattern,and when you do send one to me ASAP. They are spectacular. Teresa, Seamstress of Blackstone

Finegan Antiques said...


Wow! I LOVE your new friends! They all look like they have such sweet and gentle souls.

NothingPlainByJane said...

I'm just in love with all of your new ones! I love everything you do actually, so nothing new about that really. LOL. I HOPE these will be in pattern form real soon.

You are so loved by so many people. Gosh, I wonder why? 'Couldn't be that you're just plain sweet, wonderful, and brilliant!

Friend, Jane