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Monday, June 22, 2009

Planting My Garden

Life is a garden~ we sow seeds, give plenty of water and sunshine, hoping to reap a great harvest. It takes constant work and loving care ...and we do it all without a second thought. After one harvest, we prepare for another, and another.
I am not able to tend to the garden at the Comforte Cottage this year, but I am tending my life garden. Getting ready for life and changes ahead. I may not be able to do all that I'd like right now, but I'm doing what I need and keeping all that I can normal. I think of how many times my Mom and Dad moved all of us here and there from one military base to another. You pack things wrapping them in memories of the past, knowing that they will be a part of your future as they are unwrapped again. There is a scale in front of you as excitement and sorrow are placed gently on opposite plates. Sometimes it dips over too much on one side, but in the end its quite balanced.
I've moved forward on what this Goode Wife needs to do for the next six months and even farther ahead. My heart still holds pumpkins and witches tight...not to mention a skeleton or two. I do miss working on my little friends as much as I'd like, but they never complain and patiently wait for me. I enjoy life's unseen gifts and take the chances that I may not have done in the past. Like new seeds, they grow as I nourish them and anticipate their bloom in the months ahead.


Baggaraggs: said...

Hang in there. I think you must be undergoing alot of changes, so allow some time to create, as I believe that it helps so much with the balance. I always love reading your blog entries, carefully written and thoughtful. Let me know if I can be of any help in any way. Love to you Prim Sister. Robin

bywayofsalem said...

Your post sounds very sad - as if you are ill or you've lost someone. Are you just melancholy at this moment? You write very well - it was very moving - saying something but yet not saying it out loud.

Stacey said...

Every new move brings bittersweet doesn't it? The excitement of the road ahead and the sorrow of leaving so many good things behind....as when we graduated, like so many young people are right now, we recognize that even when we come back home after we have left, it's never quite the same! Granville has been my home for most of my 47 years~ in between every move as a child...I'm excited for the new adventure but I will miss even the view out my windows~ I've been so spoiled here in such a beautiful village!

Finegan Antiques said...

Life has so many twists and turns. Sometimes it is difficult to see the path in front of you. I have lived in the same community all my life, 50+ years, and I know someday I will probably leave to start a new adventure. I can only guess how hard this move is for you but you have the wisdom and faith to make it a Grand Adventure.


softinthehead said...

It's funny how life seems to have it's own deck of cards...so when we sit down to play the game we have to play the hand we are dealt...it's the choices of what we keep or what we throw away that determine the end of the game and whether we walk away broke or rich! I think you will leave rich Stacey....and I will play cards with you any time (no cheating though we already did that, lol)... It's time...Pam

kat449 said...

Ok (((stac))) I feel like "May" in "Secret life of Bees" I dont know whats going on but its making me sad!!! I need to go to the wall!! THE WALL!!!!
Are we moving? Are you leaving???...me???? Stac, whatevers going on do I need to remind you about your bright light??? The one that shines with truth? yours...To Thine Ownself Be True.
You have taught me so much on my own journey about being true to my own spirit, even when and especially when its not going to make some peeps happy and may make em nervous...Walk on sistah..head held high knowing your never alone..now slap my a$$ and color me happy is that olde softee ova heeya???? Oh man Im lovin this...
and OOps there it is...never quit 5 minutes before your miracles gonna happen!

Stacey said...

Stacey's Grand Adventure is that I'm moving to Rotterdam, right near Albany. It will give my parents help that they need and I will still be spending some time in my beloved Granville... but we know it is never the same. It will take the summer to get things in place(hopefully not longer). My work will continue...just not as I'd like right now, but it's a time for family right now. and yes.. the ole Softee is here. Communication is a wonderful thing and so much can be resolved to go forward if you take the chance and let it.

Blackstone Cottage said...

Dear, wonderful Stacey, Remember the line from the Deserata. "With out doubt the universe is unfolding as it should". There is much joy ahead for you. Depth of saddness gives us depth of joy, you need to know one to know the other.