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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Looking Ahead

Stacey's Grande Adventure has begun~ there has been gardening time, family time and yes, creative time. It is still very much The Busy House with a constant liveliness to it. Raven's Haven has been very busy as well as the paperwork dealings for my parents. I've been enjoying connections with colleagues and customers that have become the dearest of friends. There is a gift within each of these hearts; the gift of who they are, all wrapped uniquely as their own spirits. There are events to plan for and ideas to be shared... you see, it's time again to write a business plan.I am an Artist that also has an Art Business. That can be difficult, not because I am doing what I was meant to and what I love. Rather because to succeed, I need to balance with what you enjoy and love and not be selfish with the gift I was given. My business plan involves much more than the business of dolls or patterns. It is the spirit that each wee friend I make wraps around, as well as all of you. Without any of you, I could not be all that I am, all that I do.

I'm not sure where this economy is going but that is why a 6 month business plan in good times and bad is a necessity. I will be moving downstate which will afford me the chance for different shows, but I will also continue some up here. I'm even thinking of expanding my show venues if I can. I will be scouting out some of these local events. The beauty of living here right on the border is that I have the best of both worlds with shows and have plenty to choose from in New York and Vermont. Here is where I can enlist some help from many of you as well. So many of you visit my blog and live nearby. Where would all of you like to see the Good Wife? I will be scoping out LARAC this weekend to start. What are some of your Good Wife favorites? Skeletons, witches? The new Homestead series? More St. Jigs? Let me know~ a wonderful chance for goode friends here to share ideas and events!


Therese said...

Everything you do is wonderful, I especially love your tiny witches . Best of luck with your move. Ü

Finegan Antiques said...

Moving is exciting. New friends to make, new places to visit and new adventures to experience.
I love all your work but I have a fondness for your Death Angel and the Skeleton Angel.I can't get enough of early gravestone art but that is just me.
Good luck with your move.
Blessed be.

lovetheprimlook said...

Stacey, would love to see you in OHIO !!!!! I love everything you do. If you need any help, just let me know :)


Baggaraggs: said...

Dear Friend,

it is a very unusual combination in character to be a fine artist and a goode business woman. I so admire you. A business plan? i am not sure I know what one looks like. Ha! All of your patterns are inspirational! Hugs and Creatures, Robin

Stacey said...

Hi Angie~

We've looked at a couple of shows in OHIO the past couple years~ From Or Hands and Simple Goods~ There is a new one, Spirit of Friends that looks great too. Hoping to get things settled here, be on the lookout for next year!