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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Summer That She Was...DELORES...

I was going through some photos and came across this one. One of my very favorites of my two daughters. In a blink of an eye, they have grown so much! This was taken at my parent's house, about a year before we moved in with them. It was the summer that Jessie became her own person. Her big sister Bailey just loved mothering her and taking charge. Now Jess is a very independent child and this was her start. She was given a pair of glasses/sunglasses by her Grandmother to ease the unfairness of her big sister getting all the attention with her new glasses. Jess loved them and loved that she could flip up hers when they weren't sunglasses. I pretended that I didn't know who she was with this new look, and called her, Delores.

Funny how things stick! These are forever her "Delores Glasses" And she played the whole persona off. She loved denim and I found the cutest snap up pleated denim skirt for her. Most young ladies would wear it fully snapped as a skirt... not Delores! Delores wore hers with only the top snapped and shorts underneath. I asked her why."It's for when I run , Mommy, look!". The skirt peeled back as she ran, thus giving her a more, "super hero" appearance, she later explained in her 4 year old language. It became her daily outfit that summer.

Jess is nearly 12 now. We have to find a bathing suit that doesn't show her stomach and tank tops are too low cut. She still dresses her own way. We still hold dear the glasses... and I'm quite sure that she WILL be a super hero someday.


Sam I Am said...

awwwwww...what an adorable picture and sweet memories of Delores! hehehehe

Christine said...

what a sweet picture of your little girls. They grow up way too fast...
oh I just love those Delores sunglasses. Super Hero's, yes indeed.
Enjoy this lovely summer with your girls, for time passes too quickly.

Katie said...

Oh this is too sweet! I love those little inside jokes that you form with your kids. Precious girls you have, Stacey. I'm so happy that you have those special things with your daughters. Sweet!