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Monday, June 18, 2007

Live Your Spirit~

About ten years ago I was watching Oprah Winfrey one afternoon as I sat drawing in my little house up on the hill. I had two young daughters, two ill parents, a marriage that I could find no way to fix ... and a love of Primitives. I'm not really sure what the program was about, but the backdrop behind Oprah and her guest stated simply, LIVE YOUR SPIRIT. It captured my soul. I knew that I had to make some very difficult changes in my life and it would not just effect my life, but all that were a part of it. I felt alone and unsure of it all, but mostly unsure of ME and my capabilities. I kept this message close to my heart and held it close for strength all of these years. The changes have long been made, and there has been a lot of healing for many during this whole process. In it all, I learned to find what was me and my life and make it happen in all that I do.
Not so many years ago, Netty and I set out for a fall day of adventure. The big white van as our trusty steed, led us to Cooperstown and fellow doll makers for a visit. I was thrilled to meet the Loadwicks, Cheryl and her daughter, Emily. I have found through time that the whole family is not only warm and loving, but they fully embrace life with what captures their spirit. Emily is pure fascination as I have stated in an earlier post. I wanted to show you exactly what I ment. Cheryl and Emily so bravely put together pictures for me to share. Emily makes her dresses herself and does most all of the stitching by hand. When most young ladies of this day spend time having fun with different hair colors or beautifully painted nails, Emily holds dear the times of old and lives HER spirit. Now, if you think that her dress is wonderful, you should see her dolls!
There is a link in the Goode Things section, and if you go to Crow Soup and look under "Cotton Dolls" you will see a sampling of this Mother/daughter team.


CARole said...

What a talented sewer this girl is, and all by hand!! This outfit is just wonderful, but where does she wear something that that? Love the hat too! If those photos were in sepia or black and white, you would swear they were taken back in time. Even the yard looks from long ago. Beautiful! Good for you for following your heart. I'll be Oprah has changed a lot of lives. I think she is really a special person.
Thanks, Stacey.

Katie said...

I could just cry thinking about all of that...I know EXACTLY what you mean about just living your spirit, even when others around you won't understand it. I think people believe I'm some sort of Pollyanna, but I really think that life is good and I long to share that realization with other people. My mom and I were the "sewing by hand" and "antiquing" kind of teenagers, too. Doesn't fit well with other people my age at the time, but I didn't think I could be anything else but what I was. I am not religious, but I am very spiritual and that doesn't always fit in, either...so Live Your Spirit is a wonderful thing to keep close to your heart to remind yourself often of. Thank you so much for sharing yourself (and other beautiful spirits, too) with other people...it is so important.