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Monday, June 4, 2007

The Glory of Spring

Spring continues merrily here! The garden is about set, the herbs are doing wonderfully and we were rewarded this year with a gift from Mother Nature. We are lucky to have a couple Jack-in the-Pulpits on my Father's property. They were a protected species here...not sure if they still are. These were a gift from a friend many years ago. Most years we do get a bloom, but last year they did nothing, so I thought that perhaps we lost them. I have been patiently waiting for them to bloom and was rewarded a couple days ago. Such a beautiful flower!!! I love the woodlands and so they are a favorite, keeping close memories of traipsing through the woods with my best friend and her Mom in the nearby Vermont woods. We would go in search of fiddleheads, wild onion and violets. The fiddleheads are the beginning shoots of ferns and they taste very much like asparagus when steamed. We would also collect enough violets, so that her Mom could make a violet jam. It isn't too bad...but the fiddleheads are wonderful! In it all , we would look for treasures.. the Jacks-in-the-Pulpit and May flowers. My May flowers haven't survived over the years, but my little treasure has!
We have just finished putting the garden in. Tim actually does the planting there.. and I do ALOT of the eating! Smiles. I wanted to share with you the Potting Bench that he made. We came across the treadle machine cabinet alongside the road one rainy day. While the veneer couldn't be salvaged, I did envision a table. This was perfect, using the old stock fencing and giving a new and purposeful life. I love that I can enjoy the bee skep and the little candle lantern that we use for the Fairies to dance around and swing from the creeping Jenny in the shoe. All such a simple blessing from Spring!


Sam I Am said...

Awww..love your garden bench!! is that on top of an old sewing machine???
How neat!!!
thanks for your comment on my blog :)
wanna exchange links??

SweetAnnee said...

Oh Stacey, what a lovely
Jack in the Pulpit!!
thanks for sharing, Deena

CARole said...

Ah, yes, the woods. A favorite spot to sit at the end of a day or after the rain. Mmm, the sweet smell of nature, and the sounds of the crows overhead. Love jack-in-the-pulpits! Great photo.