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Friday, June 22, 2007

The Summer Begins....

It's official, Summer has begun for us. The girls are now out of school. Jess had her Moving Up ceremony on Wednesday night. It was moving alright! There is a sadness as your youngest child moves through different phases of life. Jess will be going to the Jr. Sr. High School in the Fall. The mornings will be very busy as two young ladies now share a bathroom before school....til then, it's a bliss full summer ahead at The Goode Comfort Cottage.

Tim and I sat in Church last week and listened to the message of all that God gives us. One of the things was , "good comfort". Tim has just gone through a very difficult year with no real work, or unemployment check to fall back on. Somehow he made it and is back to work. It looks like there will be a lot of work coming up for the Union Electricians. It was difficult and scary, but hand in hand, we both kept Faith. Going to Church last week was special, because we wanted to go and say "Thank You". In it I was drawn to the words "Good Comfort". Such a simple thing that can be difficult when you look farther than you have to. Good Comfort is the simple things that surround us.

We decided that it was a fitting name to Tim's small Cape in the village of Rotterdam. While the front of the house faces a lot more traffic than I am used to after living in Granville for most of the past 31 years, the back yard has become a sanctuary. There is a small but humble little garden, a pool, a patio area and a area that we have small "camp fires" to roast marshmallows and watch the stars. Along the fencing areas are solar lanterns hanging and candles here and there. Along stumps, there are little candle lanterns and greenery for the Fairy's to play. We have indeed found a Fairy Ring (a ring of mushrooms) every summer. We have faith that the cottage will host one this year as well.

I will be traveling back and forth this summer, but the days spent at each place, I hope will be balanced. As always it depends on the health of my parent's. The Goode Comfort Cottage brings us much peace within the home and backyard. Living simply and keeping the Faith.

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Katie said...

You know I love the name you've chosen...I like all things "goode", if you will. I identify with the way you think, Stacey...