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Friday, October 7, 2016

Making Spirits Bright

A wee sleepy Angel mousel will be perfect for my Holiday offerings.
A sleeping cap Mousel is on the way also!

The morning and evening air has become crisp...
the leaves are turning
and falling.
The aroma of wood smoke weaves around it all.

The smell of Fall
 wraps it's arms around us
and welcomes us like family
 we haven't seen in ages.

In this heady mix,
I am working on different seasons...
The Thankful
and the Holiday Season.


Last weekend,
we took some time away.
Rented a wee cabin in the woods...
and enjoyed an Adirondack get away
 in my beloved Lake Placid.

This stunning site always makes me catch my breath!

 This is the place where my dreams came true.
Where a bunch of us came together to create.
I learned so much 
about myself
and making art.

Our cozy cabin.
 We came here last year,
and loved it so much...
we decided to make it 
a yearly event.

Mirror Lake....you always hold my heart.
This year, 
we decided to come down with colds
while we were there.
Awesome, right???

It's okay though...
we enjoyed ourselves in spite of it.
I had time to just think and sketch...
and put together a plan for the Holiday season and next year.

I have spent this past week
recovering from that hanging cold,
packing orders,
and making a model or two for my next show.

It seems...
that it is also the season of
of coat tail riders.

All of us have them~
With my eyes opened even wider
 during my time away~
I am reminded
keep my course
remember my gift
and keep giving it 
back to the Universe.

after all... 
no one can capture
or copy 
the spirit that is truly yours.


LindaB. said...

Very well said.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Your pictures are gorgeous. A perfect place to recharge and remember our place in the Universe. Love that little mouse. I especially like your final words. It would make wonderful stitched wall art.

Susan McShannon-Monteith said...

Hi Hun,

I love Lake Placid and Whiteface surely tests your adventure for heights.

The little mousels are so cute.

The spirit within is what keeps us alive, to create or just dream. You have shared words well said that come from the heart.

Just keep on giving...
Susan x

Stacey said...

Susan~ It is always wonderful to see you here my friend <3

Tammy Franck said...

Is a good thing to get away! That little cabin looks so cozy. What a beautiful view!