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These truly ARE the voices in my head.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

October Surprise

Yesterday was simply glorious...
and today is no less.

We hit a record breaking 84 degrees
 here in our little spot, 
not far from Albany.
Just one last taste of Summer.

Today is just as glorious. 
It is not quite as warm however,
 gray clouds are dancing
 with cobalt skies 
and make the changing leaves
 look stunning.
Golden leaves have been dancing
 in the breeze this morning...
occupying my time 
as I enjoy their pretty dance.

Over the past two weeks...
Snowflakes have danced in my head~

as I prepare for the season ahead 
and one local show.

Sleepy mice
and ginger men
 have started to appear~

Along with an Angel theme...

I am wrapping up around 
Christmas Carols to guide me~
taking a cue from the wee ones 
that I loved last year.

While October 
may have given us a day or two of a surprise,
I am enjoying her gift~
as yummy wools
and pretty flannels
dance in my head.

Brown cardboard packages
may not be tied up with string...
 but oh how they hold
 my most favorite things~

there is magic happening 
with each stitch
 although this will be the last day 
of our
 October surprise~

there is plenty of magic
to be had at the Cottage.


Linda Gill said...

I enjoy your blog every time I see it .I'm also a doll maker and put the good old day in every piece I make.My chicken lady that knew the name of the chicken who laid her breakfast. linda gill's homebredfolk on face book. They are made from white bread and glue.

Stacey said...

Thank you so much Linda for stopping by and sharing your page! They are soooo delightful! I have put a like on your page and am following~ for my friends here, do take a look! you may wish to follow suit <3