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Saturday, October 15, 2016

October's Magic

Wee sleepy Spice is the last of two witchy offerings for Early Work Mercantile.

I love October.
 I keep it close to my heart throughout the year~
once it is here,however~
 it blossoms...

into afternoon mugs of Chai,
evenings of sipping cider 
...and nibbling a cider donut or two.

It holds memories 
of helping my Father make our own cider.
My Mother In Law 
making donuts on her farmhouse porch...

I love stitching up Cathedral Window squares...
and Pumpkin looks so sweet napping atop a Halloween themed one. 

and this evening~
a gathering of Tim's family.
We have an annual picnic.
That's right~ a picnic...
in the evening!
It is a wonderful way to gather 
and bring crock pots 
of comfort food...
hot dogs on the grill
 and groups of us
 huddled about fire pits to keep us warm.
This has become a beloved tradition!

As I enjoy time with both families...
a weekend in a cabin, deep in the Adirondacks...
and plenty of crisp mornings 
(that we have been waiting for all Summer)~

I am enjoying tiny stitches,
experimenting with my wee sleepy mousels...
designing for the next season ahead.

October is indeed magic for me.
In all that I hold dear
I intend to thoroughly enjoy it!


LindaB. said...


Carlie said...

it is so cute! I Love your things.

Stacey said...

Thank you Linda and Carlie for stopping by. Hope that you enjoyed your visit and are enjoying your October magic at home.

Girls Just Want to Have Fun! said...

Love these we ones! I now own two and hope to add another soon <3

Stacey said...

Thank you for adopting them! More mousel fun is on the way!!!