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Monday, June 2, 2014

Sunshine and Fast Days

As the weather gets nicer, we are more and more on the go at the cottage.
I know that there are those that can't get outside easily and perhaps, don't wish to.

I'm so thankful for the ability!

The gardens are all in and seem happy.
there are quite a few bees....

and also changes ahead.

But first....

There are pictures to share!

The Garden Party at Sharon Springs.

Saturday was very rainy, and there were not many sales to be had.

I did meet with some wonderful friends that I have enjoyed an online friendship with through Face Book.

These gals set off many giggles, to all who entered the tent. 
I love how wonky the tea cups turned out.
As odd as they were, everyone had great fun with them.

Sunday was sunny and beautiful.

The Fabulous Beekman Boys stopped in!

 They were so nice. They thanked us for coming to be a part of the weekend. Both had a blast looking at it all ( The goats were all sold, though).
Josh was shy and soft spoken...and made sure that we were in the perfect spot for a nice picture. Brent was going 100 miles an hour, wanting to know if we would be there in the Fall and what Halloween would look like; Goode Wife style. He gave me some wonderful suggestions.

Monday was spent cemetery hopping.

We gathered early in the morning for a breakfast with Tim's siblings, then off we were to attend an outdoor Mass at the Cemetery of 3 dear family members.

A hop in the car and we visited the Walsh Patriarch and Matriarch.

Finally, a longer drive North to the National Cemetery.
Sitting in the sunshine and enjoying a favorite of my Father's.. a PBJ.
*memories, laughter and tears*
He is always with me, but I still miss him so much.

 We received word early the next morning that Tim's Niece had given birth to a healthy baby boy!
(remember the 5 weddings the year before last? This year, there will be 6 births!)

It has been busy to say the least.

The Shop that was shared among several of us is closed and now the home of a fabric shop.

Which works well for me.
Life is changing for us and I will be a (step) Nonnie in the Fall.
I will also be taking care of the Wee One, when Mom goes back to work. At least for awhile. However we can help!

I will do a few less shows...
Change what I am creating a bit, and enjoying....

Not just those Grandparent duties...

 I have also become a Biker Momma.


susan hemann said...

Your rabbit drawing- what a hoot!! I am able to work in my garden because I have wonderful adaptive tools. I just roared when I saw the maids!! You are so talented. I wish you well babysitting. I watched my grandson until he was 3, such a joy.

Wendy @ Ravenwood Whimzies said...

Mornin' Biker Momma! He he. Thanks for sharing your pictures...wish I had gotten a chance to meet you at Sharon Springs, but I am glad that Drew, Maria and Petie did. I'm so pleased with Mrs. Munson too...she's shaping up to be a good maid...now if I could just get her to do the cleaning...and dishes...and laundry! Enjoy your week dear.