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Thursday, June 5, 2014

One Fast Week!

Do you ever have one of those days, that you wonder where the whole thing went? How about a week?

It just dawned on me that it was Thursday afternoon.

I have packed patterns and orders most of the week and time does fly when you are busy. I am thinking about what hasn't been done and there is still plenty.
Aren't these a hoot????

For starters this weekend, I need to start setting up a Picture Trail Show.
It's been awhile, right?

With the Shoppe at Sharon Springs, no more, I have plenty of Wee Folk that are in need of a home. And perhaps I can sneak in a few more.

If time doesn't escape me....

Be on the watch, details ahead.


The Primitive Black Hat Society said...

I fully understand how you feel. It was May 30th just yesterday. LOL Not sure how it came to be June 5th. Love your work, I have been a fan for quite some time.

Susan Hemann said...

I can hardly wait!!