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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Summer Goodes...

Click on Marjorie to visit the Picture Trail Show * Note Cards are available to purchase also.

How do these long Summer days just fly by so fast?
A blink ago it was May.....
now it is almost July.

We have had plenty of gatherings among family members.
 Some near, some a little farther. 
My creating takes a back seat seat on weekends during the Summer... 
The weekdays are always a bit wild.

This week was the opening of my first 2014 Picture Trail Show~ 
if you haven't stopped by, you can click on the picture above and enjoy.

There are still plenty of fun things left.....

Francine and Thelma

These two are photo faced and rag stuf't.
Perfectly prim; the technique used will embed the photo into the fabric and allows me to age it.
( THAT was a good day!)

Joyce and Ester

These gals have dusting skills.

Quirky fun. 
I had to keep one in my China cabinet.

Design by Netty LaCroix
Love these tucks. 
Netty's patterns are my very favorite.

Netty's Shoe Pinkeeps
I've loved these little shoes for forever! My first Primitive Pattern was this one. 

A couple of my favorites that have found homes already....

Sally Starling
This year, I embraced my Starling friends.
There is a group that make their homes in the building next door to us and each year I watch them raise their families.
Did you know that their beaks change color? Yellow in the Spring and Summer and black for the Fall and Winter.

Eliza's Gloves
One of my designs from the beginning years and a classic. I don't do the white gloves as often as I should, but they are  always treasured.

Some more quirky fun~
The cream basket is still available.
Stop by to see the whole show.

Mrs, Munson's Tea
This piece is becoming a series.
(and more)
 I can't wait until you see what is ahead! 

 Something "wicked goode" is on it's way.....
but alas, 
that is for another day.

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susan hemann said...

Oh I just love the things you make, so creative!! I wish I lived close so we have fun talking about dolls and creatures. I clicked your your first photo, I would love to purchase that card, but wasn't sure what to do next. Also you witch, I would love to purchase her, what a hoot!! (the last purchase), you really inspire me.