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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Take A Break!


I usually take a break in the afternoon and make myself a cup of tea, perhaps toast an English Muffin and kick back for a little bit.

I LOVE when Early Works Mercantile opens, as it is my FAVORITE excuse to brew that tea, toast the muffin, and get lost...if only for a little while.


For those of you that have tried to get there today and haven't been able to, it is because of an issue with the cover page URL and it is in the process of being mended.

Until then, you can get there from here:



These three ladies are my offerings for this month. I have wanted to make the Fairy Mice since meeting a very special Fairy at Sharon Springs.

Miss Florrie, doesn't have wings, but she is in charge of Mrs. Sparrow's wee egg.

It's windy out today and the skies are milky. Rain will be on it's way, but until then, a goode Nanny knows to sneak in a stroll ~


cannonholler said...

Your work is so delightful! Makes me smile.

susan hemann said...

your mice are so sweet!! Such delicate work, When my grandmother was alive we would have tea everyday at 4 with a little treat, baked good or pastry, I miss her so

Anonymous said...

Jaka słodka skrzydlata myszka :)