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Friday, July 18, 2014

Summer Love

Our days at the cottage are wrapped in lots of Summer love. 

The days bring a hum as creating is in full swing. It may not seem it you all of you, but it is.
You see, changes are coming about ~
I am following the plan that was started last year and it must have been the right path, because we found that there was one more BIG change.

...remember the 5 weddings in the Walsh clan?
well, 6 babies will be given this year. So far, 4 have arrived. Tim's daughter, Kelly and her husband expect a stork visit in October.

As we step in to lend a hand, my work ability will change depending on how much this Nonna will be needed....
 So the preparations in my work began when snow still covered the ground.

My offerings have been mostly sculpted  or Mousels...and this month, both!

As time moves on, you will see the path I am taking for now. I think you will be as happy as I am.

til then, enjoy butterfly days and firefly nights.

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Susan Hemann said...

Congrats!! I will be a grandma again in October. I am planning a baby shower in August. I have timed my garden to be in full bloom at that time. That way I will have plenty of fresh flowers inside and out. I am curious to see and hear about this path you are taking. Love your new doll. I haven't made a doll for some time now and I miss the work.