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Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Change of Plans

Every day, life will toss things towards you...I suppose to see how well you can juggle. We all get them, big things, little, and different levels of importance.  Somethings can be dealt with quickly, while others take more time.......... For me, life didn't toss me something, but rather, I think that it fell from the sky, somewhat Chicken Little style. Well, I suppose because it is important and will need quite a bit of  time, at least for right now. It has taken me from quite a bit of my work, and that is what I am sharing.

I've had to change some of my plans, the most important one is the show at Oaks. I have been beside myself because I love the Market Square Shows...the vendors, the shop owners...the drive and sharing all the new wee folk. It is like missing a family reunion.

I won't be there....but most of the Paper Wee folk will be. I am thankful to Stephanie and the crew at Monahan Papers as they will host my paper friends as planned...but without me. Some of the bigger items won't be there, but I will be working on a web show and offer them online instead.  I can't help but think that while it may be a change in plans, it will serve all that it touches in a much better way at the end.


The Cinnamon Stick said...

Was hoping to hug you in person..but life gives us what it decides - so here is a BIG HUG hoping that all is well and I am so anxious to see all your goodies..stay well Stacy! XOXO, Judy

Stacey said...

Judy I was so looking forward hugs too~ It was a very agonizing decision and I had to ponder long and hard how to even put it into words that I would not be able to be there. My thoughts will certainly be there!



Michelle May said...

Stacey, hope you are ok. Life does throw and "drop" some crazy things on us.

Baggaraggs: said...

Well Stacey, that just sucks! I am listening to your melancholy music, and hoping all is well with you. I know that you have the strength to set things right in your world, or to wait until it is not as tilted. Hugs, Robin