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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hello, New Year~

I have been fast at work creating goode folk for the show in February...but there are still offerings to be had from the Goode Wife. I was fortunate to have a wee mouser and rat to dress in my chaos room that I hope to get under control this Spring. There is always so much to do!  

Spring is already on my mind as I create. Mind you, there has been no real snow of Winter yet...just teasers that melt away in the afternoon sun. While many are taking a break from creating this past year, I am in full swing. Part because of the show in February...and part because I just can't find an off switch on me! There are oodles of new paper ideas and I have to stop and jot them all down. I edit them as I form the basis of what I will create, hoping them to be a cohesive body of work...hoping. The way the gears go in my head, it is difficult, mind you. I can be all over the place and have to take great pains to reel in all the ideas and edit them to at least appear sane! 

As many of my offerings will reflect more of my paperie, there will be less of my soft Wee Folk available. I will be making those mostly for local shows this year. I do have a few sculpted pieces that I will offer from time to time, but for the next several months, I will be in full paper mode.  The rat and the mouse are available on Simply Primitives, and the wee dutchie tucks are on Olde Primitive Peddler . Do stop by and see the other fabulous Artisans as well!  May the New Year bring only goode your way~back to the drawing board for me!

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Baggaraggs: said...

Happy New year Stacey. Sending you the best of thoughts and Good wishes for a Lovely and productive year ahead. Hugs, Robin