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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Balancing Life

It's February already. January can seem to drag on, but not this year. Perhaps it is our strange weather. For the past couple days, we would awake to the yard  coated in white as if someone sprinkled confectioner's sugar on it. As the day grew old, it would melt away revealing a great brownness that has taken over for Winter this year. As this first day of February dawned, it felt more like April first. The sun shined down upon the pups as they spent as much time as they could, baking under it. You could smell the earth. When the rain showers came, it only smelled better.

 My world is still a bit tilted (as my friend Robin would say...and it's perfect, Robin)....but it will right itself.  I have great Faith, and you see, Faith has gotten me everything. 

Above are a couple of my favorite ornaments that will be with Stephanie at the Monahan Papers Booth. As I was packing them for their journey, I began thinking beyond the Market Square Show. I've missed my needle; along with clay. I will take a few days now to clean the Kitchen Table Studio, organize and start some Spring Cleaning...You can bet, however, that I will be setting some "balance" time, from all that is tilted and dusty to create. Those voices in my head, just never stop...and I love it.


Jan Conwell said...

Here's to balance, and righting a tilted world. :~)

Chrissie Marshall said...

Lovely blog and love you ideas and thoughts new follower