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Saturday, January 14, 2012

For The Love of Olde

 With Beatrix Potter as well as Thomas Nast  as pure inspiration for their detail and color work, there was no hope... I was a goner. Now, given the chance to draw and design, I am lost in a world and a time gone by. There is an endless number of these wee folk ready to transfer from my head and heart onto paper. Drawing them is one thing, but I want more. I lean them up in my little doll house and if I am quiet, I can hear conversations as a wee mouse dressed in Regency clothing awaits the teapot to whistle. Dear Papa Mouse has just come in from a long day at work, it's cold out and he still has his coat and top hat on as he warms himself by the fire.....

I'm getting lost in myself again... In time you will meet these friends, but until then, I have a couple of bunny pieces. They remind me of the old illustrations as well as the postcards  my gram would share with me, They were treasured by her once upon a time and long ago... and so, wrapped in all that I love, I am offering a limited number of these sets on TDIPT Mercantile  . Do stop by and enjoy a wonderful group of Artisans, and if you are awaiting new patterns and a sale... that starts tomorrow. Stop by here for the details!

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