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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

It's No Secret...

It's no secret who inspires my work. From my patterns to my drawings, you see many a critter dressed in clothing that reflects my love of the past.  Beatrix has always been beside me...her characters kept in my heart, for as long as I can remember. I once had a painting teacher that refused to let me paint animals, because they were more difficult to master. She felt that I would only get frustrated. Little did she know, that she would only fuel the fire within. From then on I drew or sculpted animals throughout my high school years.  Eventually, I taught myself to sew with a few cues from a dear friend and fellow creator of whimsy.

I took a bit of time yesterday to do some cleaning here on my blog. There is nothing like a clean, new layout and cleaning in all of the corners, to make one feel that it truly is a fresh start to a New Year! I feel more like my work is coming full circle as I pick up my pen nearly every day and create. I'm excited with this new year as I plan area shows and what I want to focus on.

 I have been looking at those numbers....the ones that keep me working from home, instead of turning in my comfy flannels for something more appropriate to work outside of the home. I'm blessed to see that my works of whimsy have only continued to grow and in some areas, nearly double at a time when money is difficult for all. Thank you for all who have made it possible~ I hope to bring even more smiles this year. My Head is spinning with ideas, my journal has writings and thumbnails nearly every day. I have lots to accomplish, so,without further adieu, I bid you good evening on this frosty Winter evening. It is time now, to put pen to paper and create as "Miss Potter" keeps me company on the telly.


The Country Primitive Shoppe said...

I absolutely adore that movie and the works and illustrations of Beatrix Potter! What a wonderful choice for inspiration! Your work is wonderful Stacey and cant wait to see what the New Year has to bring!
Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

You're to be congratulated....your talent shines thru in all your work. How lucky you are to be able to share it will the world!!! It seems that sometimes you question whether you are 'doing the right thing' (as we all do) but forge ahead....you're certainly on the right track!!!

The English Romantic said...

Lovely to see where your inspiration comes from. I also have a passion for Beatrix Potter and hope to visit the Lake district this Summer to see her source of inspiration.
Smiles, Angela.

Anonymous said...

Stacey, oh how wrong that teacher was! :-) To your credit! YOU GO, GIRL!!

I'm sure Miss Potter is looking down from heaven with a big smile on her face for you.

Hugs, Diane

Michelle May said...

Oh my gosh Stacey! That Alice Bunny on your sidebar!!! I want her!!! She's fabulous!
Indeed, I can see where your inspiration comes from. Wishing you a year filled with every success and happiness!