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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Singing the Blues

TDIPT Mercantile  is full of new offerings once again and I am excited to share. I LOVE pumpkins, and keep many of my Pumpkin decorations out, as year long as I can get away with. I also adore all kinds of yummy pumpkin recipes. I do try to behave myself, but when it comes to pumpkin, it is difficult. I've had a blast in my Witch Garden out back, I am patiently awaiting to see what color tiny pumpkin gourds will fill my home with joy. One seed, I did not find as I was planting, was the Blue Moon or Jarrahdale. As you can see, from "Humble" above, they have sat heavily upon my imagination.

The color of these pumpkins, is striking and it went beautifully with the extreme Prim colors... but would it translate to others? This was a risky step and well.. that's what we as Artists do sometimes....take you on a little journey outside of expectations. It's like watching Project Runway... you put your heart and soul out for all to see, but will they love it, or hate it?

My email and Face Book pages have lit up with the verdict....thank you so much for all of the encouraging words and for all of the "blue pumpkin love"!

However, I didn't stop there!  I just love the tombstone angels and well, as long as I was mixing it up a bit...why not??? Sometimes, you hit upon your best designs when you just take a chance and let your creativity flow. 

.....and I even stretched a bit more. These journey's...or studies are a part of design. With goode editing skills, it is such an invigorating feeling to have a couple of designs and sketches grow with creativity. So, as you see, what started out with blues on my mind, grew and grew. As I stepped outside of traditional expectations, I surprised even myself. I'm thinking that I will sing the blues with wings next.

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Becky said...

This pumpkin pattern is my very favorite of yours Stacey. I love what you've done with it, with the blue. Bravo girl... all of your work is simply scrumptious.