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Sunday, December 9, 2012

December Mist

Olde Kinderhook Santa

I look at this blank page and think...December? how did that happen so quickly? I blinked in August and it was October.. I blink again and it is December.


It is a dark and dreary New England day here. The trees are just silhouettes of sticks and the misty fog softens their usual stark appearance. It is damp and cold outside... a mix of smells, between the wet earth...the fallen leaves and wafting through out like a ribbon...wood smoke. Inside it smells of pine and spices as candle glow casts a warm light. The tree is set up and awaiting decorations, but it will be a few more days still. I have a few orders to get out  to the mail and then the reclaiming  of the Cottage begins. Creating has been such at such a fast and furious rate, that there has been no time for recovery. I need to do it within the next couple weeks. There are Holidays to celebrate and family to enjoy. A time for my work to truly take a backseat...at least until New Years.Then look out.

Olde Mantle Deer

I have notes and plans all laid. As much as I have the sketches and directions along with shows that I will fill the calendar with... it always changes. There is an email or a phone call and a door opens. I'm thankful for it all. It is a part of the journey. I'm excited... while some things I already know, there are the surprises along the way. Until next time... a few pictures of some of my favorite friends..

Olde Schenectady Santa





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jenclair said...

Oh, my goodness, I love your mice!