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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

That Afternoon Cup of Joe

There is something to be said for an afternoon break with a hot, fresh brewed cup of coffee beside. A time to take a deep breath to reflect on the day's work and gather up before another plunge into finishing the orders and goals for my day. I don't need anything fancy...a plain and simple cup of Joe. My one must is my mug... oh yes, it is all about the mug. This is my favorite. It is my sunshine...even if the day outside is lacking.

This was the main part of my work the past couple of weeks. When I make mice....it's never one at a time. This is how they start...very blank slates, but with my clear voice and point of view. Mice have become very popular  and it becomes difficult to make a unique impression that is truly yours. It is all in the silhouette and then in the details. Their bodies and faces have remained the same from the start...their fashions however, are still developing. 

...and this was the main piece that was delivered yesterday. They don't have a home just yet. I am very honored to say that these two were made for a very special event....The Susan G. Komen, Race for the Cure in Manchester Vermont this Saturday (the 28th) If you click on their picture, you will be taken to the site for further details. They are a part of the silent auction.

On a personal note.. I'm in no way a runner, but who has to run? We can help in other ways~ they can always use helping hands no matter where the event is held. For me...this was perfect. I love giving back...I am so thankful for all of the goode things in my life and the ability to work from home. I hope that these two mice get a very special home...but much more than that, I hope that the cure is found. Godspeed my little friends.


Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

Oh Stacey~ this is a wondeful post! I too, have a favorite cup to drink from...love my green tea!
and I have to say, that your little mice are adorable, especially the 'pink' girls ~ hoping they help raise funds and awareness ~ such a wonderful foundation.

Blessed be!

Michelle May said...

Precious little mice for such a wonderful cause. I too am no runner, but I'll meet you for a cup of joe anytime! :)

Caca said...

the mice are so cute