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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Dance


This Summer has truly been wonderful for us. This past weekend, a Father walked his oldest daughter down the aisle. Both were beaming...

Mr. and Mrs Wrobel

My youngest daughter, Jess cutting up with Tim. These two are always goofing off with each other. I adore this picture of them, it really speaks of their relationship. It was hard to not have my oldest, Bailey with us, but Texas is so far away.

A mix of olde and new, past and present as I pick up my love of Puritan Gravestone carvings again. This is Faith, and along with Patience, below, they are offerings on Olde Primitive Peddler.




And Mercy....the angel that started it all, years ago. It has been a great journey and it has only just begun. The Goode Wife is still growing and from the response, it is growing in a great direction. 

"Made in America" is back in vogue.
"Buy Local Saturday" is growing and with it, keeping small businesses working. 
We are the ones that will build and repair the economy.

Life, truly is a dance.....

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Anonymous said...

AAAAAhhhhhhh- Summer weddings are such a blessing!! I just returned from one in my home state of CT where I too revived my love of those simple death angels!

I've long been an admirer of your work- glad to see it growing and growing and growing!!