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Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Goode Summer

Life is quite busy here at the Wee Cottage on Curry Road. It seems that the days are speeding by and it is difficult to believe it is July already. We are very dry here as most areas in the US. We have been spared the extremely high temperatures and are so very fortunate. Our hearts and prayers go to those that have been living a nightmare with storms and fires.

While this Summer is a family one for me, I am still working on Wee Folk. I just can't stop! I am not working as much though. June brought us Bailey's graduation and her move to Texas, to be with her boyfriend. I am very proud of her. It is often difficult for someone whose disabilities aren't seen, to be taken seriously when they ask for help. The airlines did not help her at all, even with repeated requests and making sure that the info was put into their computer systems.  Thankfully, she had her phone and family/boyfriend support to make her journey a success. My heart twinges a bit, to see her all grown up. 

Jessie will be a Senior in the Fall. At 16, she has had a job for over a year, got her license and bought her own car last month. This kid is full speed ahead and my heart twinges a little more to see her all grown and so independent. But that is how I raised them to be and they are succeeding, right?

 So, now I am working on new patterns to release, as well as resetting my Picture Trail which was deleted accidently.  The good news is, that I may be savvy enough to add a PayPal cart in. Wish me luck! It will be a process, but don't forget that my Etsy Shoppe is home to many of my patterns as I work along on the new Picture Trail. You can currently purchase any of the patterns listed on the Picture Trail, also.
I have had some fun with rats such as Belinda.....

Abe and Kringle, seen above, were mice that I was just itching to make last year and did not get the chance. Below is my personal favorite~ Wednesday. I could do Mousie Witches and Rats all the time.

And here she is pictured with her bestie ~ Clarice. The Wee Dollhouse is full of chatter with these two. (they are still available to adopt.)
I also tried my hand at a round headed Pumpkin Gal~ Blessing. I did have fun with her. I tried them years ago and did not really like doing them...but time and practice march along. I'm much better at sewing and problem solving than I was then.
~*~ The 2 mousies are still available, along with Jackie, the fox. They can be found on my first of the month offreings on Simply Primitives and Olde Primitive Peddler ~*~
Ahh...summertime. A time for new babies (3), weddings (5) all in the Walsh Family this Summer and Fall. I will be busy, and there will be lots of changes, but it is all goode!

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Baggaraggs: said...

Stacey, your Abe lincoln made me giggle. Love your work. Hugs, Robin