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Friday, March 25, 2011

Springtime in Vermont

I adore the Granville area in every season, but I particularly love Spring and Fall. One of the best parts of living in Granville, has been the fact that it runs right along the state line beside Vermont. That means that we are minutes from towns such as Poultney, Pawlet and Wells...a little longer and we are in areas such as Danby, Fair Haven, Dorset and Manchester. These next few weekends that I will be in Granville, we will be visiting friends in New York and Vermont. First, I will be stopping in to get some Maple Syrup. So many in this area make it and most of us have family and friends in both states that are quite busy, be it a hobby or a business. We have family~ The Grotolli's and it is a part of Spring for me to stop in and say hello to Mike and Laurie.

As the weeks move ahead and grass turns green, we will be heading for a quick drive to see my dear friend and extremely talented artist, Roy Egg. I have known Roy since I started this primitive journey. Well, actually, a bit before, when I worked in a area department store. Roy is simply magic and whimsy in a giant's body!  I remember when he painted his studio, pictured above. It's become a area landmark over the years. His paintings are sought after all over the US and he has one in a permanent collection at the White House. He was the winner for Vermont in a nation wide egg painting contest. Each state was represented on a egg that had been cleaned of it's contents and made into an ornament. The winners were all gathered at the White House for a tour and to view their display.

Besides his talent in the arts, Roy is true inspiration to anyone that enjoys any art or craft. He is so encouraging, no matter what your endeavor. He has a certain knack for making you feel  important and confident in what inspires you. He encourages young and old to see it through. He has often encouraged me to have a small show in his Gallery. Life has kept me busy in other directions, instead. He is such a dear friend, that it is his friendship and warmth that I hold dearest.

One of my most treasured pieces is one of his window chickens. I saw Gladys from across the Gallery and just had to bring her home to Rotterdam with me! This way, I always have a reminder that I'm not so far away from all that I hold dear. I usually find Roy at the local market, but now I will have to make a special trip to see him at his Studio and Gallery. By then, I'm sure I will find yet another treasure ! Big hugs to you Roy~ I'll see you soon!

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softinthehead said...

Nice post Stacey! I too remember the gentle giant Roy Egg. His checkerboard domicile is one that should never be missed when visiting the area. I also have a window chicken, mine is a rooster who I fondly call Rufus. I am also a member of the "Roy Egg" chicken posse. We are a group of crazy fans that keep tally sheets of how many window chickens we see in Vermont and upstate N.Y....I have seen 117 to date! Miss Vermont and hope to be back soon! Pam