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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Putting My Own Stamp On The World~

I'm happy to be settling in the cozy little Cape on Curry Road. There is more than enough to keep me busy with my work, unpacking and a home. I still spend weekends as a Caregiver to my Mom and enjoy time with my girls. 

I 've had a stamp made with my new address for orders and show tags. It was quite fun to play around with fonts and sketches. This is made from one of my very favorites~ My Pumpkin Princess. She turned out so well, and I love using it! The ladies that work at the Post Office have all remarked on it and as the new kid in town, it has helped to make friends. Who knew?  

The Artist in me finds it so satisfying to make my own stamp on the world~ what better way to send off patterns and packages to my customers, than with a little piece of me. I have designed stamps before, years ago, before I started making primitives. I've had so much fun with this and I've caught myself thinking about making more. How fun it would be to see my designs on cards and papers; to know that I've touched some one's heart with a design and brought joy to them in their creating.


Rebecca said...

So glad to see you are settling into your new home, Stacey. Isn't moving into a new (old) house such a great adventure? The mind awakens with so many decorating ideas ( of course, sometimes it's "Do I paint a room today, or a new doll?") Love the stamp, but then I just love all of your wonderful characters! Becky

softinthehead said...

It is always great to see someone create their "OWN" image and make it into a stamp instead of borrowing from others. You are so talented Stacey that it never ceases to amaze me! I would give uo chocolate just to have an ounce of your talent! Pam (the Hag from Virginia)

Dena said...

Hi Stacey,

I love your music play list!!

Here is another of your patterns put to creation.

Happy Spring!



Stacey said...

Thank you Becky and Dena~ Keeping fingers crossed with the stamp option and squeezing in some designs to release as patterns. Always such full days!

Aw hugs Pam...don't give up chocolate!!!! I wish I had the characters and their stories visiting my noggin! I look back to the day we first met at Ames and think...WOW, look how far we both have come! Whoda thunk?
Much love and Rainman fabric shopping!


Katie Jaye said...

I LOVE that stamp of yours. How unique and creative! I like the Pumpkin Princess and I hope you don't mind but I'm going to check out the rest of your BLOG because you have me intrigued.


NothingPlainByJane said...

Did you say PATTERNS?!!! OMG, how exciting is that? I love all your wonderful creations, but the patterns are #1!!! Jane