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Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring Wishes

I am finding myself drawn more and more to sculpting again. I love that I have learned enough sewing skills with my Primitives Journey, to make the sculpting come full circle. Granted, there is nothing fancy in the sewing, just simple; but I like things simply done. Alice made her appearance at American Holiday Artists Studios on Friday evening and was spoken for by Saturday morning. She is one rabbit that I will surely miss, but I know that she is going to the most wonderful home where she will be very loved. I have some wee bunny girls that I have been working on also and well, lets just say quite a parade of ideas that keep marching along! Thank goodness for sketches and notes. This home will be very full of wee folk, be them sculpted or sewn.

It's difficult to believe, that I have been at the cozy Cape on Curry Road for three months already! There is still much to do and sometimes it feels overwhelming. We go up nearly every weekend to make sure all is well with my Mom along with shopping, cooking and other needfuls. It's also a great time to get together with my girls. My week days have been full of deadlines, business paperwork and pattern orders. 

My head is in the clouds as I await the warm and sunny days of Spring. Winter has been long and stormy, so we are all more than ready! Tim and I are making plans for the garden, which has been overlooked the past couple years, having no one to really tend to it. I love having a garden and canning, so if the tomatoes do well, there will be plenty of marmalade and sauce for starters. I've also perennials to move about and seeds to start in the flower beds. It all takes time, but with any luck, we will have an area for the butterflies and humming birds along with a wee fairy garden. I'm sure there will be many inspirations from this to keep me sketching out new friends to stitch or sculpt. It's all just a matter of a little time, for Father Winter to say good bye and the Maiden of Spring to bring warm days and green promises.


Deanna said...

Our Maiden of Spring has arrived but my lazy bones won't let me out to start planting my flowers..lol!

Your bunny is just darling, I can see how hard it would have been to part with her. Precious!

Deanna :D

Baggaraggs: said...

My thoughts aren't beautiful Stacey, I am JUST plain Jealous. LOL. Your work...makes me want to throw my stuff in the trash. Hugs, Robin

Stacey said...

Awww Robin~ Never stop your work, I love them and they make me smile, along with all of your musings!You have such a sense of whimsy and use of color that makes me jealous!