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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bunnies, Chickens And A Crow

The snow is melting outside of my little cozy cape in the burbs. The birds are singing a bit louder and I've been able to open the windows on sunny afternoons. Oh the promise of Spring! There have been ups and downs.....long days and evenings keeping the pump up in the cellar, muddy paw prints and shoes that never get a chance to dry. I came home to a little trip North, to a fine dinner and knowing that I was missed. 

My work is always beside me these days. There is plenty to do. TDIPT opened last night, but the internet service here had hiccups throughout the evening and into today. Too bad I couldn't upload with my Nook; that seemed to work pretty well!

My offerings are a blend of a few of my loves. Bunnies and chickens named as a memorial to my daughters pets...and of course a crow. Halloween lives here all year long. A click on the bunnies will take you to my page, but grab a mug of something goode to sip on and enjoy the wonderful work of others as well~


Leontien said...

I have been folowing you for some weeks now but i have to say i am not quite sure how much i like your collectable pieces. BUT i do like the crow!

Thanks for sharing

ennovyennovy said...

tendre lapin...

Anonymous said...

I love the crow!