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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Celebrating Jiggy

Today would have been my Grampa's 95th Birthday. We lost him suddenly, nearly 23 years ago.... and although we miss him very much, he left wonderful memories for all that knew him. He was a man of deep faith and community service. He never sat still...always puttered about and was a fixer of anything needing repair, for anyone.

Mornings he would often make himself a simple breakfast. First, he would begin by making a small pot of coffee. He would proceed to put a spoonful of sugar and a good amount of milk into his cereal bowl. When the coffee was done, he would pour it into his bowl, stir and then add cornflakes. I still do that every once in awhile and it is really quite good on a cold day. 

For my brother and I, he would often make us toast...always a little more on the black side than two little kids would prefer. He would then spread it with peanut butter and tell us that black toast was good for us.To this day, when someone burns the toast...it is referred to as Jiggy Toast. Other Jiggyisms are:

  • A Jig Rig: anything fixed or reinvented to be useful from items made from things found at home.
  • Tucci: Any good looking girl, especially if they were blonde. He would often tell my Gram that at his age, he was trading her in for 2 of these if she didn't behave.
Granville still fondly remembers him.  He was inseparable from Father Roman  and they were known as Sanford & Son as they drove about in Father's pick up truck. Father would often call my Gram and ask if Jiggy could come out to play. He was called Iron Lips Caruso, after he lost his teeth and relearned the trumpet without even his dentures. For me, He was the inspiration of my St. Jigs                                                                                                     

My Brother, Kevin shares the same Birthday today. They were very close and he will also send cheers Jiggy's way today. I've changed my playlist to honor my Grandfather. All that he was and all that he instilled in us.

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Green Creek Primitives said...

Thank you for sharing your memories of your grandpa. It made me think of a grandmother I was very fond of, she has been gone for almost 5o years. Even though they are gone our memories are a special gift we have of the past we spent with them. They wioll always be with us. Vicky