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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Springtime Teases

February is unfolding and blossoming nicely. It can be a bitter cold  and stormy month, but sometimes, as the days stretch longer....we get a little taste of what the early days of Spring will be like. Ahhh.. there is hope then! My heart smiles with anticipation. Yesterday was such a day and even though today is beautiful and blue.... the temperature brings me back to reality. Not before I had some time to dream of the coming days that are filled with sunshine and smell of dirt and grass.

My TDIPT offerings reflect my feelings in my choices of which wee folk to bring to life.  I was also in a mood for getting the grunge on.....perhaps knowing that mud season comes with Spring also! I love their simplicity of style and enjoy that the slightness of expression can carry a mood.

This morning I carried down my doll house... it is rustic and primitive. I LOVE it. It was given to me by a dear friend. My youngest daughter, Jessie was beginning to walk when we would visit and Jess would play with it as  I worked away. It is such a wonderful gift packed with memories... and now I will enjoy setting it up and filling it with wee friends. Sunshine will pour into the window cut outs and even if Grandfather Winter isn't ready to let go just yet, I can enjoy my own little world a bit. Sometimes, you just never grow up....I love that thought.

1 comment:

Pamela Dervarits said...

Oh my,
another brilliant piece!
Matilda looks paranoid LOL LOVE IT!!!!
I am awestruck at your talent. Your talent is sooo amazing, it is dazzling.
i just purchased some of your patterns on etsy, and CAN't WAIT!!
I have never seen primitive folk art as goode as this. I know what to ask my husband for my birthday. DO you still sell Mrs. Goddard?