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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Goode Days

This winter is definitely one we will remember weather wise.While the snow falls and the cold wind blows, I am snug in the little Cape that I now call home. There is always so much to do and getting back to work is very important to me. It is a drive within me and I can only go so many days until I HAVE to bust out into creating.  I have been sculpting since I was a young child. I was so fortunate to have parents that encouraged art and the creative spirit. They supplied us with all different media to explore and create in.
I have so many tools to help me bring life to these wee folk. Some were not meant for clay at all, but I found that they do what I need them too.
My most favorite tool, however, is the humble toothpick. Many times it is the only tool I will use.

I am still learning about different armatures and different types of clays. I am comfortable enough now to work up several pieces at once, as these folk come alive in layers. In the first picture above... top and center is a challenge piece to an upcoming release. She doesn't look like anything yet and still has a bit more armature work.

The technology of today, brings the ability to research right from home. In order to become successful, I need to capture certain elements and blend them in a way that realism meets whimsy. I'd hate for someone to say~ "I love your duck ladye", only to find that it is supposed to be a completely different kind of bird! It can be difficult enough to have fingers replicate the  mind's eye without a serious faux pas because I didn't do my job researching! While my wee rabbits are fun and whimsical, my challenge piece is exactly that, meant to challenge myself. So here I am, a bit rusty in my sculpting, but armed with key elements and the right tools in which I hope to succeed!


Patty C. said...

Awesome !!

Green Creek Primitives said...

I just love your blog. I like looking at all the things you create. I have never tried sculpting before. I have only been doing primitive handmades from patterns for a little over a year. So I am still learning, still would like to be a little more primitive in my doll making. I would like to someday have my own patterns. Vicky

just me said...

can't wait to see them finished!! i've been itchin to do some clay work also, just need few more hours in a day! bought some more paperclay at micheals last week, it keeps calling to me to open it!:)