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Sunday, December 23, 2007

That Didn't Hurt A Bit!

Trudy, of Crows in the Attic, has tagged me to reveal 5 things about myself and tag just as many friends for the same~ hmmm.. lets give it a whirl!

  1. I love anything Nightmare Before Christmas.

  2. I was scouted in High School by RIT to be a medical artist....but I didn't want to draw dead things!

  3. I was scouted at the Lake Placid School of Art by an Art School in Tennessee, to go on with my art education and then to the Hallmark Co. I had moved so many times when I was younger that I wanted to stay near home.

  4. I worked and paid my own way through 3 years of college.

  5. I originally wanted to go to school and learn "claymation.

And now you know a wee bit more about me! Education is very important to me, enough that if my parents could not afford to send me, I would work hard and go as far as I could. As with any gift, school does not change it, it gives you support and knowledge with your materials and techniques. I'm thankful in looking back~ there are so many things that I learned and still use and share with fellow artists today. If you have the resources near you, take a class! You will be amazed at what is inside you, and if you step out of your media, you have the chance of discovering a hidden talent or a new passion. Art Rocks!

Ok... lets see if I can come up with 5 or nearly that many fellow blogging friends that haven't been already asked~

  1. Cassie ~ from Mockingbird Hill, and a girl after my own heart when it comes to Rick Springfield!)

  2. Kat ~ from Scardey Katerpillars No More. Amazing strength inside and out.

  3. Susan ~ from Miss Maddies (oh I just love learning about people and her passion for all things OLDE!)

  4. Carole ~from Carole's Country store. Such treasures on her blog and in her store!

  5. Sandra Evertson ~ I love her work, it's so darned inspiring.


kat449 said...

Yikes....I had such a ball being tagged. what an honor. You have to wonder with all this excitement Im feeling....did she get picked last on everyones team for school sports event or somethin???ohhhh yeeaahhh!!!!! hee hee ya know Ive got issues!!!!so you have thrilled me....Thank you also for my surprize today....I just love you! hugs, Kat

Trudy Honeycutt ~ Folk Artist said...

Thanks for playing tag!! Glad to know you weren't injured!!! HA!! Trudy