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Thursday, December 27, 2007


The snowflakes have been gently falling all day. They are the big fluffy kind, that beg you to stick your tongue out and taste them. A goode day to cozy up after a few days of visiting and eating way too much. So here I am at the Comfort Cottage with work in hand and watching a gentle snow. There are four young ladies here with us and so while homemade turkey soup simmered, I put in the movie "Little Women". Such a perfect day and wonderful to share with these young ladies. A chance to take a peek back in time where politeness in speech, manners and a well rounded vocabulary were a strong part of life. Now that they have seen how it once was, perhaps we shall be privy to a play or "Pickwick Papers" a la` Comfort Cottage.


Trudy Honeycutt ~ Folk Artist said...

What a wonderful day to enjoy Little Women!! The snowflakes are still falling here, with grand amounts of shoveling taking place today!! Enjoy the snow!!

Christine LeFever said...

It might almost be time for a sugar on snow party, yes?

I must put on my DVD of Little Women and join in your peaceful joy of conjuring beautiful feelings that place one in a serene setting.


Stacey said...

ahhh.. a sugar on snow party is IDEAL!!! Ok everyone, gather your copy of Little Women and let's enjoy the winter! A goode time is always had with goode friends!