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Monday, November 5, 2007

Stick Season

The leaves have fallen...they smell wonderful mixed with woodsmoke on these chilly cool mornings. The trees are so bare with just their sticks showing. The mountains have taken on a different color. A cold, blue gray. They are still beautiful mind you, and I love it when the snows peek through. The clocks are all set back and I am happy that time was extended to do this. I have SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder. This time of year was once the most difficult, but now I know how to keep the meltdown days at bay. I have this year round as some do. Now with the help of light therapy and walks outside everyday, the meltdowns have gone from 1-2 times a month several years ago, to 1 last year. I'm a very different person and quite happy. I do mourn as Stick Season approaches. It's just that it is very long time until the buds appear. I choose to celebrate the late Fall and Winter ahead. Mourning is a brief affair, perhaps more so as snow flurries are expected later this week. It's time to enjoy oatmeal and hot chocolate. The brussel sprouts are best picked right after the first snows. There are squash ready for the days ahead and peppermint tea to sooth a cold evening. The Holidays are fast approaching and I am sharing one of the new Santa's for this year. It was drawn last Fall with the others an put away to tweak and refine for this year. Most of my designs are done this way. Now, some are off to my favorite shop...and some are set to go to licensing companies. This is my Jigs character from my pattern series and always close to my heart!

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