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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Sharing A Favorite Friend

I thought I would share a very dear pattern with you. Designs are inspired by many different things. More often than not, with me it is a person and they come through in animal form. This design, however was not the case. When I was 6, my father was transferred to Goose Bay Labrador. We spent about 2 years there and it was the most memorable place for me. Great amounts of snow, the Northern Lights, bears, Eskimos and geese in flight are imprinted in my soul. As I watch the geese making their way south for the winter, I enjoy their stopping by. I remember hearing them call to each other as I lay warm in my bed. They keep the memories close, what better a gift?

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Miss Maddie's said...

The sound of the Canada geese flying overhead in their famous V pattern is right up there with the cry of a loon in the early morning mist on the lake as smooth as glass.
Where I live which is not that far from you there are not the huge flocks as there once were migrating south.But in the spring the gentler honk of the Snow geese can be heard for miles. There numbers are something to behold!
Nature is a wonderful gift. Susan