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Saturday, November 24, 2007

A Caruso Family Reunion

It has been a hectic few days here. A two day show to prepare for, a Thanksgiving feast to cook and enjoy and the celebration of a life well lived. My great Aunt Jenny was born 91 years ago to Frank and Serafina Caruso. She was 1 of 23 children born and 1 of 9 that survived past childhood. Italian through and through. She was a small and birdlike woman and as feisty as they come. Our holidays at my Grandparent's spent in Upstate NY, always included "the Aunts". They would all come through the house before dinner, husbands in tow and dressed to the nines. Each Aunt brought the dish for which they were best known, except Aunt Julia. Aunt Julia would travel up from the Boston area and always bring the most wonderful Italian desserts from a bakery. I can still remember the killer cannolis! Aunt Jenny would bring her rice pudding. Such a time we all had!! My Grandfather played the trumpet and my Grandmother the organ, there was always plenty of music, song and a nip of anisette in the after dinner coffee.
There is only one Aunt remaining now, Aunt Marge. Aunt Jenny passed in her sleep very peacefully. I know that she is joined by a large and welcoming family and so we celebrate Aunt Jenny and all the wonderful memories! I will return in couple days to share more of the show. For those new friends met there and dear old friends that I haven't seen in many years~ welcome and thank you for stopping by! I enjoyed seeing you at the show.


Mockingbird Hill said...

You know that Aunt Jenny was welcomed by many long lost friends and family...and they probably had that coffee with anisette hot and ready for her! Sounds like a hectic holiday...so glad you were able to enjoy...


kat449 said...

I cant wait to hear all about the show...I just know you had a blast. I also bet Aunt Jenny was right beside you in spirit w/ all her fiestiness....thank you Aunt Jenny, I was wondering where Roons got all her spunk! Hugs, Kat